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The Old Explain One Play series index

The Kerr Brain Trust
The Kerr Brain Trust
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This Index is Out of Date! Use the new Mega-Index!

This index has been replaced with the Explain One Play Mega-Index!  From its name, you can tell it has the destructive power of one million normal indexes. I won't keep this one updated.

The Old Index for you nostalgic types.

This is the master index for the Explain One Play series.  This is a series of short articles, about one per Warriors game, usually using video analysis to explore a single play in the Warriors offense or defense scheme. In cases where something amazing happens, e.g. Klay hits 10 threes, we might do a quick survey of the highlights.

We will keep this updated and link to this from each individual Explain article.

The Explain One Play Series So Far


2016-2017 Preseason


2016 Finals v Cleveland Cavaliers
2016 Western Conference Finals v Oklahoma City Thunder
2016 Round 2 v Portland Trail Blazers
2016 Round 1 v Houston Rockets

If you insist on commenting on this post, please do me the favor of posting a good GIF or video of Warriors players celebrating something. I want a good collection for a future poll.

You should also post requests for future analysis!

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