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Postgame Celebration Thread

Celebrating the streak and all that it stood for

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After a lethargic, sloppy loss in Milwaukee, the Warriors drop to 24 - 1, and now find themselves on the playoff bubble and in danger of dropping out of the race completely. Everyone else outside of the Bay Area was right about Draymond Green, he doesn't know how to play basketball. Stephen Curry is not a good shooter.

And did you hear Chicken Little? The sky is falling!

Joking aside, we just witnessed bar none the greatest start to a season for any professional sports team in the nation. The Milwaukee Bucks need to get into contact with the Chicago Bulls and notify them that they are the real Streakbusters, as they have now stopped the 1st and 3rd longest winning streaks in league history. Hats off to them, and Cal Bear Jason Kidd for planning and executing; the Bucks announcing team for being one of the best in the league; and the ballsy fans who went all-in on 24 - 1 shirts.

Back to the Warriors: tell your grandkids someday about these Golden State Warriors. This is a celebration thread because somehow, we didn't really post too many during our 24 game winning streak. So celebrate the greatest start in NBA history in style.

Let's celebrate the fact that the Warriors lost their first game of the year in December.

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