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Draymond Green has over $2500 in fine wine now thanks to LeBron James

A while back Draymond Green and LeBron James made a friendly wager on the Ohio State/Michigan State football game, a game that was won by Dray's Michigan State Spartans last month. Turns out the wager was two cases of what is very expensive wine (especially on a blogger's budget.)

From Diamond Leung of Bay Area News over the weekend:

That man LeBron, that's a good man right there," Green said, smiling. "A good man. He knows a young guy like me can't afford it yet, so he took care of me. That's what's up. LeBron's a man of his word."

Draymond will have plenty of fine wine to sip on after Warriors wins now if he hadn't already finished off most of it during the Warriors 24-game winning streak. And props to LeBron for going local with Silver Oak Cellars just about 60 miles north of Oracle Arena.

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