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Sunday Reads: Let it snow!

It's the Holidays, dammit.

Wham "Last Christmas"

In past years, the argument was made that, "Well, the NBA season doesn't start until Christmas day anyways. Why not just shorten the season and start it then?"

The Warriors blew that out the window. Poof. Gone. "It's FOOTBALL SEASON!" people have screamed. And the Warriors screamed back, "So? We like football too. Also, watch this."

Well, now it is almost Christmas.

So, in the immortal words of Frank, "Let it snow [...] Let is snow [...] Let it snow."

(Those pauses are Frank remembering he is a boss in between lyrics.)

If ever you needed some holiday cheer these days, just remember this picture of Frank casually getting out of a helicopter holding a whiskey. There's some damn spirit for ya.

Also, wait, get the f--k out of town. Yul Brynner took this photo?!

Does it get any better?

Anyways, it is officially the holidays. Music is blaring from all shops. Doors have been opened to all. The memory of bloody Black Friday is but a distant horror. There are trees ablaze in windows and the fire department has not been called. There are deer climbing on rooftops and animal control is not on the way. A fat man in a suit is coming down your chimney, searching for milk and cookies or whatever other form of sustenance you have purposefully left him and that is, seemingly, perfectly okay. Even with small children in the house.

It's the end of the year. It's time for strange family traditions and even stranger family-gifted sweaters. It's time for reflections and hope. The hope that next year you won't be so damn sad all the time. Or at least, maybe sad only just a little bit, from time to time.

But I've got a perfect way to cheer everyone up. Here, how could this ever be wrong?


What about this doesn't scream "egg nog and questionable late night group-wide decisions?"

If there's a hot tub in that cabin, the cleaning deposit can't be high enough.

But my main point -- beyond the snarky comments, for which I apologize -- is this: Look at all that frickin snow! I didn't post that Frank Sinatra video just so I could post the picture of him in helicopter (okay, okay, I did, I'm sorry), I posted it so we could talk about snow!

The last few years have been a disaster in terms of snowfall in the Sierras. This Christmas, I'm hoping the big fat man in the sleigh gives me a nice snow pack in the upper mountains to help alleviate the drought.

The holidays are a time to be close to family. A time to hold them tight, and think towards the coming year, when we have a chance to give it another go. Another spin around the old sun, as it were.

We've all made mistakes, as humans are destined to do. I mean, jeez, the Warriors even lost a game!! The one single group of infallible human beings proved they could fail as well, just like the rest of us.

So, in the spirit of rebirth and acceptance of one's limitations, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Holidays.

Turn up the Nat King Cole, build a fire, and pour back a nog.

Here's a little early basketball present for y'all:

Happy Holidays everyone.

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