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Podcast: Cavaliers blogger calls the Warriors a "bunch of d*cks"

Special Christmas version of Golden State of Mindcast with a guest from Fear the Sword!

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Ryan Mourton, troll extraordinaire and Cavs expert, stops by Golden State of Mindcast to preview the Christmas game. Hilarity ensues, as does much trash talking and insult slinging. Join along as we break down this exhilarating holiday matchup!

Also, we make a very important wager on the game.

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We go hard in this one.

Relevant links:

Harrison Barnes out: We didn't actually discuss Harrison Barnes' absence much because we're no-excuses basketball fans, but that's the thing we all agreed afterwards was a problem. Interestingly, our community poll shows that folks around GSOM favor starting Andre Iguodala in place of Brandon Rush just for this game.

Kevin Love is one of the league's best post up threats: Ryan mentioned that Love has been a great post up threat and Fear the Sword broke down his efficiency and more in a post earlier this month.

LeBron James playing off the ball more: When discussing what has changed between the Finals and now, Ryan noted LeBron playing off the ball more. Waiting for Next Year discussed that earlier this season.

What will Kyrie Irving's impact be? We spent some time discussing Kyrie Irving's potential impact on the defensive side of the ball. But David Leonardis of Today's Fastbreak described the value of Kyrie Irving's timely return to action this week and how that makes the Cavs a more potent offensive team.

Timofey Mosgov rides bears: That's right, Timofey Mosgov rides bears (you too can find this on Google by typing in "Mosgov bears).

Will this be the best regular season game ever? Nate mentioned that the highest rated Christmas game ever was the 2004 L.A. Lakers vs. Miami Heat game during the Kobe-Shaq feud. Paulson of Sports Media Watch doesn't believe this year's game can match those ratings.

LeBron's thoughts on playing on Christmas: Ryan mentioned that LeBron is downplaying this game as much as the Warriors are, in part because his is part of an extended end-of-year road trip, and ESPN's Dave McMenamin has more on what it's like for Bron to be away from on for Christmas.

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