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Stephen Curry the favorite for Most Fascinating Sports Person of 2016

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Deitsch at has paneled a bevy of prominent sports analysts to answer the following question: Who will be the most fascinating sports person of the following year? (2016)

Here are some snippets from the Curry-favored responses:

J.A. Adande, ESPN reporter:

Curry stepped on the stage free of controversy or a shadowy past. Incredibly, the biggest ethical debate he inspired was whether children should be brought into the postgame interview room. Curry can't be a revelation in 2016 but he can become the establishment.

Brian Anderson, Turner Sports and CBS announcer:

On the court he shines and, by all accounts, he's a great teammate, he's involved in the community in an authentic way, a great family man, a man of faith and a superstar who respectfully embraces the buzz that he brings to the building every night.

​​Ian Eagle, CBS Sports and YES Network announcer:

Everywhere he goes he's ‘the show' and he rarely disappoints. When it's all said and done his jump shot will go down as the best in NBA history, but he's so much more than a shooter.

Rich Eisen, NFL Network host:

He's a meteor in the sports world who is so captivating, fans can't even wait to see his pre-game warm-ups. The only other person who comes close in that regard is Odell Beckham, Jr. But he won't be the back-to-back MVP of his league as Curry will surely be.

You can check out the full panel of responses over at

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