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Stephen Curry, Festus Ezeli injured during weird Warriors win over Kings

There was a shootout. It was sloppy. People are injured. The Golden State Warriors are 29-1.

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It started with three straight fouls in 21 seconds to start the game, teased us with a Draymond Green aerial show from 3, disappointed us with repeated wide open 3-point misses from Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, hung there in the balance when the Sacramento Kings pushed to an 11-point lead, and coalesced in a Stephen Curry - Omri Casspi shootout that looked and felt like something out of a playground scene scripted by a fantastical high schooler.

By the end of the night, things would only get weirder, and ultimately, worsen.

Luke Walton reiterated what Raymond Ridder said about Festus Ezeli's foot injury being minor but a quick scan in the locker room showed Ezeli limping from chair to chair. Then during the last interview, Curry was limping more than ever before, not anything too serious, but one that should solicit at least a one-game rest. Now the Warriors embark on a quick two-game roadie in Texas against the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets with a team that will likely rest Curry and Ezeli along with Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa sitting out due to injuries.

As for the actual basketball, before the game regulated itself into a blowout, there were so many odd little happenings I had no choice but to keep track and notate them down for later. Here's a quick look:

1. Curry started 0-for-6 from distance.

2. Rajon Rondo picked up three quick fouls and spent a ton of time on the bench getting stared at by Draymond Green.

3. Speaking of Dray, he's carrying the offense right now. I asked Walton after the game if there was any difference in his game and he said no. But man, a three off a downscreen and the numerous drives to the rim? He's becoming a complete player.

4. DeMarcus Cousins picked up four fouls by halftime and was completely out of the game and out of control by the third quarter.

5. Every single three was open for the Warriors. They just kept missing.

6. Walton and Green picked up a technical foul each after appearing to take offense to some calls. Honestly, the calls were dubious but nothing effectively bad.

7. Thompson took a 2-on-4 and passed it backwards to...a King.

8. Seth Curry guarded Stephen Curry for a couple minutes and not many people even noticed or cheered.

9. Then Curry dropped five threes in under four minutes.

10. There was a triple double in there for the MVP somewhere too.


In regards to a long-term outlook for the team, there are some issues that most fans are starting to, and rightfully so, harp on in the past couple weeks. The bench play has been absolutely dreadful and the Warriors have started slow quite a few times against sub-.500 teams.

When asked that question, Walton merely replied that the team was working on playing within themselves and not worrying about the other side. Thompson, giddy that the media barely asked him any questions, said that the season is long and that there's nothing left for the Warriors to do besides working their own team into championship-caliber play. One game doesn't necessarily change that. Then at the end, Curry kept referencing the long season, how his injury isn't related to the calf one, and that there isn't anything to worry about going forward.

The Warriors are 29-1, limping in the locker room, and fortunately, not to the finish line. There are still aspects to the game to work now midway through the regular season. Room for improvement on sides both on the bench, on offense, on defense, and from the starters. And overall? They're still going to get better.

Lest we forget, Steve Kerr is coming back soon as well. Where has he been? Well, he had some words to say to the team in the locker room at halftime. Now nearly midway through the season, while the Warriors are run ragged and a tad undermanned, the light at the end of the tunnel is as bright as it has ever been.

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