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Warriors vs. Mavericks: Podcast battle, aka "Klay Davis has bad hair!"

Doyle Rader and Kirk Henderson stop by Golden State of Mindcast to throw down with Nate Parham and Bram Kincheloe.

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In preparation of tonight's Warriors vs. Mavericks game, we sat down with two great writers from Mavs Moneyball, Doyle Rader and Kirk Henderson. We talk about the Maverick's surprising start, the DeAndre Jordan (non)trade, Klay (Davis?!) Thompson's "awful hair," the Chandler Parson's Orgy Suite, and much more.

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Annotated talking points

1:45 - Chandler Parsons & Wes Matthews

4:40 - DeAndre Jordan (non) trade

6:45 - J.J. Barea better than Curry?

8:00 - Mavs matching up vs. the Warriors

10:22 - We all make fun of Ryan Mourton a little more

10:40 - "Klay Davis has awful hair." What?!

12:15 - What if the Mavs had Draymond Green?

13:00 - Dirk's retirement

14:20 - Future of Mavs' core?

16:29 - JaVale McGee is the Mavs' infusion of athleticism

18:00 - Mavs vs. Warriors playoff scenarios

21:00 - I bring up "We Believe"

22:45 - Chandler Parsons' Orgy Suite

25:00 - DeAndre texting Doc Rivers' kids

29:00 - I make a painful admission regarding all Rocky movies

31:15 - Backstory involving Kirk's twitter handle

32:22 - Kirk "young man"-ing another blogger

33:00 - A cool aside about Kirk's secret during Vegas

Relevant links

  • J.J. Barea on fire: Tim Cato of MavsMoneyBall quoted J.J. Barea as saying that Stephen Curry is probably better than him. Barea recently had a 32-point & 11 assist game against the Brooklyn Nets followed by a 26-point and 5 assist game against the Chicago Bulls.
  • Chandler Parsons and Wesley Matthews as the future? Mavs fans are starting to look toward the future with Nowitzki retiring and Tim Cato of MavsMoneyBall writes that Matthews and Parsons could be the key to that future.
  • The weird DeAndre Jordan saga: Back in September, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reported that DeAndre Jordan contacted Doc Rivers' youngest son, Spencer, to say he wanted to be with the L.A. Clippers instead of the Dallas Mavericks.

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