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Warriors vs. Mavs gamethread: Stephen Curry, Festus Ezeli out for Golden State in Dallas

We can now add Stephen Curry and Festus Ezeli to the list of injured Warriors players.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors will be weary before they even begin a back-to-back Texas road trip tonight against the Dallas Mavericks.

In addition to Leandro Barbosa and Harrison Barnes staying in the Bay Area for this trip, Festus Ezeli has been ruled out and Stephen Curry will be taking a day of rest — that's almost a full lineup out for at least tonight's game and possibly tomorrow night's against the Houston Rockets.

Injuries piling up

Ezeli was ruled out due to a sore right toe suffered during Monday night's game against the Sacramento Kings.

Curry was also limping around the locker room after that Kings game, according to reports by our own Andy Liu and others, but wasn't ruled out until this afternoon after undergoing a MRI. But even before the MRI, Luke Walton told media that chances of Curry playing were "slim".

In Curry's place, Walton has said that Shaun Livingston will start in his place.

With Barbosa also out, this means that Ian Clark will probably be playing big meaningful minutes tonight.

Let's just hope to escape Texas — and 2015 — without any more injuries.


Anyway, with so many players out, Klay Thompson can really reinforce his case that he deserves to be an All-Star with a big performance tonight. Speaking of which, while you're waiting for the game, let's help Klay move up the charts in All-Star voting (or at least keep him ahead of James Harden).

Here's all you have to do:

1. There's a "Tweet" button not far under the photo of this post. Next to that button is one that says "Share" for Facebook.

2. Click either button depending on which social media platform you choose to year.

3. They both already have the text to vote for Klay Thompson in there so you don't have to type a thing.

4. Click the button to tweet/share you post.

And boom: you've voted.

Hopefully looking ahead will help us stay positive through all these injuries.

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