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Warriors at Rockets gamethread: Stephen Curry, Festus Ezeli out again

Our wounded Warriors head into Houston with four players out once again.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tonight, the wounded Golden State Warriors will face the Houston Rockets, who struggle to win at full strength.

So the best possible way to end 2015 would be to beat the Rockets in Houston with four players absent.

Once again, 2015 NBA MVP Stephen Curry and Festus Ezeli will be absent from tonight's game as well as Leandro Barbosa and Harrison Barnes.

And I'm perfectly fine with that: if we can rest players now before they further aggravate injuries and be fresh(er) down the road for games against the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016, then that's a good thing.

Would it be nice to have a better defensive effort tonight? Of course. But the sky isn't falling if the team loses back-to-back games with FOUR PLAYERS — not just Curry — absent.


Despite Curry being out tonight, but as we all reflect on this past year, his play was one of the biggest stories in the entire sports world. So let's help bolster Steph's All-Star standing tonight in honor of his outstanding year.

Here's all you have to do:

1. There's a "Tweet" button not far under the photo of this post. Next to that button is one that says "Share" for Facebook.

2. Click either button depending on which social media platform you choose to year.

3. They both already have the text to vote for Steph Curry in there so you don't have to type a thing.

4. Click the button to tweet/share you post.

And boom: you've voted.

Let's hope Houston is just Rockets tonight so we can end 2015 on the high note it deserves.

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