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Warriors at Raptors gamethread: Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes out for Golden State

With a short-handed win tonight in Toronto, the Warriors would be off to the greatest start in U.S. professional sports history.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I'm not even sure what to say about this Golden State Warriors team anymore — they're amazing.

So let's just bask in the numbers. And more numbers:

So what's at stake when the play the Toronto Raptors today? How about 21-0, indisputably the best start to a season in U.S. pro sports history? Not bad.

The challenge? The Warriors will be without both Harrison Barnes (ankle) and Andrew Bogut (strained back), which will make this a tough road game against a team that already posed a pretty strong challenge to the streak at Oracle Arena. If the Warriors can get through this weekend unscathed - tomorrow, they play the Brooklyn Nets, who took them to overine at Oracle - it could arguably be the most impressive (team) feat of the streak thus far.

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