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Warriors Podcast: Golden State moves to 23-0 but not without a price.

Bram Kincheloe, Nate Parham, and myself jumped into the Golden State of Mindcast recording booth (Nate was literally in his car in a parking lot) following the win against the Indiana Pacers. The Warriors move to 23-0 but Klay Thompson succumbs to an ankle injury. We discuss the possible fallout and how the team dynamic changes without Thompson and Harrison Barnes. We also discuss Jim Barnett, the unbelievable streak, and, as usual, what it'll take for the Warriors to finally lose.

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Annotated talking points:

2:20 - Is it bad to go up by too much too early?

5:50 - Is LeBron using voodoo to injure Warriors players?

9:00 - Other blogs chiming in. "What do you talk about?"

10:22 - Calling Nate out for being a troll.

10:30 - Andre Iguoadala's game.

14:00 - Strength of bench.

15:45 - Shaun Livingston: Klay 2.0? #hotTake

19:45 - Every player is having their best season ever.

21:50 - Steve Nash should suit up, Luke Walton can be sixth man.

24:00 - Can we hit the 30 win mark?

28:45 - Oklahoma City Thunder, attacking mentality.

32:00 - Did the Iliumnati design the Warriors' schedule? We say yes. "LeBron?! On Christmas?!"

37:00 - Spacial reality, mindfulness.

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