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Kevin Garnett 'holds some appeal' to Golden State Warriors as 2015 NBA trade deadline approaches

Zach Lowe reignited an old GSoM fantasy with a recent comment about Kevin Garnett's trade value.

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As noted in the comments here and by Conrad Chow yesterday, Grantland's Zach Lowe (kinda) threw a Kevin Garnett to the Golden State Warriors rumor out there in an article this past Friday:

It's also fun to watch the Nets figure out the present and future of their big-man rotation, which includes two pieces — Brook Lopez and Kevin Garnett — who will be the subject of trade talks over the next two weeks. Garnett has a no-trade clause, but he holds some appeal to playoff teams who can use a boost off the bench and/or some long-term salary relief — Golden State, Charlotte, Toronto, and others. The Nets won't engage in any series of deals that leaves them with more long-term salary, so it will be tough to find the right combination of trades that makes dealing Garnett's expiring contract palatable. But the cranky one can still knock down a midrange jumper and play solid defense.

The long-term salary part probably makes Lee-for-KG a non starter — and the Warriors could try and bring KG here without dumping Lee — but maybe there's a third team the Warriors could involve. I assume KG, like any player, would love to play here. He does have a past with both Warriors owner Joe Lacob and reserve guard Shaun Livingston.

And, of course, he also has a history with Golden State of Mind.

kg comic

KG fantasy diaries are a staple of GSoM from its earliest days, and this might be our last opportunity for one, even if the fantasy is far less exciting than it was back in the day.

Better late than never?

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