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Open thread: Potential blockbusters could shape playoff picture

Will a major deal affect the playoff race?

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A number of trades have already gone down but with the clock ticking down to the NBA trade deadline set at Thursday 3 p.m. EST, there could still be room for last-minute deals.

Golden State has been relatively quiet in the rumor mill and it is highly unlikely that they make a major trade. While there were reports of teams willing to obtain David Lee and a Kevin Garnett rumor in the past week, those were quickly shot down as the organization is adamant in keeping the team chemistry intact for a championship run. No trade talks involving the Warriors have materialized and it makes the most sense for them to stand pat and avoid any compulsive deals.

However, the rumor mill continues to heat up as notable names involving a trio of point guards in Goran DragicReggie Jackson and Ty Lawson have popped up in recent days. Dragic and Jackson have submitted formal trade requests while Lawson is being shopped by the Nuggets as head coach Brian Shaw seeks to reunite with Indiana guard George Hill. Although the Warriors will certainly not be in the mix for these guys, if Dragic or Jackson were to be traded, the playoff landscape could shift and specifically affect who the Warriors face in a first round playoff matchup.

If the playoffs were to begin today, the Golden State Warriors would suit up against the eighth-seed Phoenix Suns -- certainly a favorable matchup. In spite of this, there are still approximately 30 games remaining for most teams and the Oklahoma City Thunder (1/2 game behind) and New Orleans Pelicans (1 game behind) are in striking distance of the final playoff spot. Among those two teams, OKC is the most dangerous of the bunch and has a real shot of propelling to the 7th or 8th seed by season's end, potentially setting up a first round rumble with the Dubs.

Arron Afflalo has been rumored as a player the Thunder covet. Landing the swingman from Denver in exchange for Jackson who has regressed after putting solid numbers as a starter would theoretically boost the Thunder's playoff chances and make them even more lethal.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen what the Suns would get in a Dragic trade as Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the asking price is steep. Shipping out Dragic for a big man would address the need for a back-to-the-basket player, stockpiling draft picks would enable the Suns to gather more future assets but gambling on Dragic's bluff could be a route they take. There is a high risk in moving Dragic just as there is in keeping him past the deadline. Nevertheless, there will be plenty of talk even if no deal is made.

All the ongoing rumors and a list of completed trades will be continually updated.

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