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Golden State Warriors Midterm Report Cards 2014-2015

Curving around an A because W's are what matter.

What's there not to like?
What's there not to like?
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You can say the Warriors aren't real contenders. You can say the Warriors are too soft to battle through the West's elite 8 this spring. You can say the Warriors are just setting themselves up for a painful 1-8 upset by the Oklahoma City ThunderBut under no circumstance whatsoever can you say the Warriors 42-9 (.824) start to this season has been anything short of unstoppable.

Basketball is a team game that's bigger than individual player stats. W's matter above all else and these individuals have made them happen at an incredible 82% rate thus far. Not to be a Dubs homer, but I'm curving around an A in these Midterm Report Cards.

Starting 5

Stephen Curry: A+

Monta Ellis isn't around to hold him back offensively. Mark Jackson isn't around to hold him back defensively. Curry is now an MVP candidate.

Goal for Playoff Push: Be prepared for some physical (and even dirty) play and be ready to fight back.

Klay Thompson: A+

Love the shooting. Love the attacks on the rim. Love the D. Love the All-Star recognition. Love the trade that didn't happen.

Goal for Playoff Push: Stay consistent.

Harrison Barnes: A

50% from the field, 43% from downtown, and 5.7 rebounds a game. It's amazing what starting and an actual offense can do for a young and uber-talented swingman.

Goal for Playoff Push: Become even stronger on the defensive end.

Draymond Green: A+

I knew the D was there, but he's a plus on offense now.

Goal for Playoff Push: Improve that shooting %. Treymond could vault this team very far.

Andrew Bogut: A-

The D is nasty. The dimes are beautiful.

Goal for Playoff Push: H.E.A.L.T.H.

The Bench

Andre Iguodala: A-

His stats are at career lows all across the board including minutes. The Wildcats are just tricking the NBA while they rest up for the playoffs.

Goal for Playoff Push: Drain free throws in the final minutes.

David Lee: A

#FullTeammate There aren't many NBA players 2 years removed from an All-Star appearance that would take a bench role with class and make the most of it. (Actually I doubt there are any.) Lee does not get enough props for his character and sportsmanship this season.

Goal for Playoff Push: Give the Warriors a dependable and efficient scoring power forward and center. He can be the x-factor for this team.

Shaun Livingston: A-

We've seen glimpses, but Warriors fans probably expected more.

Goal for Playoff Push: Help the Warriors limit the turnovers.

Marreese Speights: A

Last season: "I can't believe they signed this guy."

This season: "I can't believe they signed this guy!"

Goal for Playoff Push: Keep putting the ball in the hole more times than not.

Leandro Barbosa: A-

That creative 18ppg scorer still comes out for glimpses. It's won the Warriors a few outings thus far.

Goal for Playoff Push: Turn back the clock and kick it into Brazilian Blur mode when opponents least suspect it.

Justin Holiday: A-

Hopefully there's a few more surprise outings from this undrafted player.

Goal for Playoff Push: Stay ready.

Festus Ezeli: A-

His defense and rebounding have always been respectable and intriguing, but the injuries are very worrisome.

Goal for Playoff Push: Stay healthy.

Brandon Rush: A-

It's too bad that nice 2011-2012 effort with the Warriors was wasted.

Goal for Playoff Push: The time will come...

The Suits

Steve Kerr, Alvin Gentry, Ron Adams, and the rest of the coaching staff: A+

Passing. What a concept!

Goal for Playoff Push: Keep the team focused and hungry.

Front Office: A

After some early mistakes, they've instilled some serious confidence.

Goal for Playoff Push: Don't get complacent.

What are you midterm grades for the 42-9 Golden State Warriors?

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