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The Golden State Warriors' remaining games, opponent win percentages, and days rest

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Shout out to CurryUpOffense and his visual schedule fanposts for motivating me to do this. CurryUpOffense, I hope you don't feel like I'm stealing your thunder! This is meant to complement/compliment your work.

Instead of using overall win percentages, the y-axis is home/away specific, depending on where the game is played.

  • Green bars - GSW 2 days rest
  • Yellow bars - GSW 1 day rest
  • Orange bars - GSW 0 days rest
  • Green glow - Opponent 0 days rest
  • No glow - Opponent 1 day rest
  • Red glow - Opponent 2+ days rest

When all said and done, it's quite the eyesore, but hopefully also interesting if you manage to look at it long enough:


  • The game at Portland looks the ugliest. Back-to-back for the Warriors, well rested Portland team in a tough arena
  • Likewise, Toronto looks pretty rough
  • GSW has 8 back-to-backs left
  • Starting a 6-game road trip now, with another 4-game and 3-game road trip to follow later
  • The Dubs only have 2 games where they get 2 days rest, and opponents have 5 such games, 2 of which land on back-to-backs (and the Clippers have a rare 3 game rest before that first matchup)
Including a grayscale version. The original is 4-d, this one is 3-d with the two rest dimensions conflated into a single 'rest discrepancy' dimension.
  • Darkest Gray -2
  • Dark Gray -1
  • Light Gray 0
  • White +1

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