Kerr made the right choice because the NY media HATES KITTENS!

Kerr, before the game, was bombarded by questions regarding his decision to coach Golden State rather than follow his mentor, Phil Jackson, to New York. At one point, Marc Berman, of the NY Post, asked Steve Kerr if it felt "awkward" coming back to New York.

Steve responded, "No."

Berman shot back, "Why?"

Steve looked at him and asked, "In what way do I not feel awkward?"

Now, there are few things to explain about the state of basketball in New York, and moreover, the state of media coverage here in the city.

1. These guys LOATHE each other. Frank Isola, who I've quoted above in twitter-form and works for the NY Daily News, hates the Post. I'm not sure why. But a quick review of his twitter feed shows endless barbs and shade thrown at Berman, soley referred to as "Berman of the Post". I don't think he really needs a reason, per se—The Post has spent the last forty years since Murdoch bought the paper making enemies. (Quick aside—did you know that Founding Father Alexander Hamilton actually not only founded our country but also the New York Post in 1801?! Whoa, neither did I).

2. Both the NY Post and the Daily News have made a killing selling newspapers by lambasting the Triangle, Carmelo, Derek Fisher, and the "guru-ness" of Phil Jackson. It is what they do. They could be given pictures of newborn kittens and come up with some headline like "Potentially Rabid Feral Beasts Infiltrating City Infrastructure!" This actually is probably too literary for them. Another quick aside—during the most recent mayoral election, which Bill DiBlasio won, an also-ran named Joe Lhota, who had at one time actually run MTA (our transit system), said during a debate that he wouldn't have shut down MTA service to rescue two kittens who had recently been trapped on the tracks. It's hard to fathom how in the nation's most powerful and populous city, a mayoral election was decided by issues such as this, but nevertheless this actually happened. Of course, the Daily News ran a front page story about it the next day. And of course the front page's headline was: "DIE KITTIES DIE!" with a picture of the two cats. Wow. Stay classy New York. My wife and I actually saved this front page and had it pinned to our fridge for a couple of months because, even for NY rag papers, this was truly something.

But the point here is that NY TABLOID NEWSPAPERS ARE HORRID AND GODLESS! And they will absolutely tear you down because apparently that is what they perceive to be their job description. So, yeah, good on you Kerr. You chose wisely. Stay as far away from this mess as you can. Don't get involved with Dolan. Don't try and be the Basketball Savior here. It is NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE. Last aside and then I promise I'll move on—did you know that Marv Albert, Kerr's former broadcasting partner at TNT, took Steve aside as he was making up his mind between the Warriors and Knicks, and told him that "It never ends well with the Knicks," referring to working under James Dolan? Marv used to be the Knicks play by play announcer and was run out town by Dolan after making remarks deemed critical of the team. Okay, moving on. [[Edit/Update: DAAAAAAANG Dolan! Really?]]

3. The Knicks have been so dismal this year that the NY Times actually reassigned their own beat writer so that he didn't have to keep covering the team playing in the world's most famous arena.

So, the New York City sports media is strange, okay?

And into this mess walked the Warriors. Proud product of The Bay.

Not only did the media fling questions and insults at one another, but a basketball game was actually played as well! Who would have thought?

Klay and Steph both had off nights shooting, although Steph ended with twenty two and had a couple of game clinching shots late. Although, why they ever got to the point where they needed Steph to ice the game is a bit of a mystery, The Warriors were up by twenty six at one point, and may have thought they could skate the rest of the night, especially considering they were playing the Knicks. However, the 'bockers made a spirited Carmelo-less push at the end to cut the lead to five with a little over four minutes left in play. That's when Curry stepped up and ensured that the Dubs left the arena with a victory.

A couple more post game thoughts. David Lee is still, if not revered, at least very much admired in New York. I could easily see him returning here either on his next contract or on his final one to play out his last few seasons. And, never forget THE TOOTH INCIDENT that caused Wilson Chandler to need some dental care and almost ended Lee's career:

There are rumors that Amare Stoudemire could be in contention for a buyout over All-Star weekend and that the Warriors could potentially swoop in and sign him on a league minimum salary. Same thought process goes for Kevin Garnett as well, I've heard. So keep an eye out for the W's picking up some former All Star big man to fill out the playoff rotation and bring experience to this still-young roster.

So, in review, we barely covered the game but I got to gripe and bitch about NY rag papers and more specifically about their Kitten coverage. Good work team.

I've got some really exciting news coming up, but will share it at the appropriate time.

Glad the Dubs got the win. Wish I could have been there. The cheapest ticket in the nose bleed section last night was $118! Sheeeeesh. Okay. See y'all down the trail.

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