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Warriors vs. Celtics gamethread: Andrew Bogut will play for Golden State

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The Golden State Warriors face the Boston Celtics at 3 p.m. PST.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors: Nothing's stopping this team right now. After a dominating win over the Raptors on Friday, if our team can bring that same mentality to Boston, the Celtics are in for a world of hurt. Especially if the Splash Brothers catch fire on the 3-point line. And don't forget "the heart of our team" Draymond Green who's been a threat on the court scoring 17 points and 9 rebounds against Toronto. Even without Festus Ezeli, let's not forget the variety of options Coach Kerr has with his bench -- the rotation has been a nightmare for many teams this season, especially with Andrew Bogut active.

The Celtics: Don't let Boston's 23-33 record fool you, since their new acquisitions, this team is starting to heat up. As for the Dubs, just keep on pushing and show the Celtics why we're the best in the league. This team is riding high off a 3 game win streak and to get to that 4 straight victory... they're going to have to get past Golden State. Since the February 19th trade deadline, Isaiah Thomas has been a glimmer of hope for Boston. He's made a big impact these last 4 games averaging 22.3 points and 6 assists. This is definitely a young team still learning the ropes to compete in the league but you can see the improvements especially in these last few games.

My Prediction: Warriors all the way. Their line up is just to deep for Boston to beat. Once Golden State starts splashing three's, it's going to pour inside the TD Garden. Unless the Dubs shooting streak goes cold and the guys play lazy defense there's always a chance for the Celtics to steal a win from us.

Sorry Boston, The Warriors take this 119-102... SPLASH!