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Warriors beat Suns: Stephen Curry is having a year for the ages

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Recapping the Phoenix game while taking a deeper look at Stephen Curry's remarkable season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We'll get to the game, in which the Warriors manhandled the Phoenix Suns in the second half--ending up winning by 18--but first I want to dive into some remarkable stats from Mr. Stephen Curry.


that Steph is having a pretty great year?

I bet you did.

I thought he was having a pretty great year as well. And then I ran some numbers (on It helps put things in perspective, you know?

Holy. S#################T.

First insane comparison:

Player Efficiency Rating > 27 (as in: PER greater than 27)

True Shooting % > 60%

Minutes Played > 1700 (to weed out the guys who only played like 3 minutes and their stats are all skewed)

3pt Field Goal % > 40%

Read that again: Curry is having a year comparable to only Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James and Larry Bird. And even though those guys had similar years, they each only did it ONCE! Hey now.

Okay, insane Curry-year-comparison #2:


This one is even more straight-forward.

True Shooting % > 60%

PER > 27

Steals per game > 2

Minutes played > 2,000

And even though Curry's PER is lower than Jordan's, his True Shooting % is higher.



--- = ---

As far as the game, the Warriors came out (on the second night of a back-to-back) looking tired both physically and mentally.

Up nine with 1:37 left in the first half, they pooped the bed.

Here's a quick transcription of all events in the last minute and a half of the second quarter:

Shaun Livingston commits foul --> PHX hits both free throws

--> Warriors turnover

--> PHX three pointer made

--> Warriors turnover

--> PHX fast break layup plus the foul. Dude hits the free throw

--> Warriors turnover

--> PHX fast break lay up ties it

--> Steph deep missed three

--> Eric Bledsoe contested deep two airball

--> Klay Thompson is fouled as time expires, missing the shot. No call.


Now, that is what I call inspired basketball.

Apparently Steve Kerr lit in to the guys during halftime, because they came back out for the third quarter with an entirely different outlook on life and basketball and all things pertinent to the contest at hand. Curry picked up a touch foul (his third of the game) and the call seemed to spark an inner anger and fire.

Some notes:

Steph, another steal! He's pissed after picking up 3rd foul.

--> gets fouled, hits the three anyways, though it doesn't count

Jim Barnett: "Man! I'm telling you, that young man is FEELING it!"

UGGGGH. Curry step back three. 18-3 Warriors run.

Another dominant 3rd quarter. 46-46 at half went to 76-61 (+15)

Could have been 20. Was 19 at one point.

4th Quarter:

Steph misses free throw. Is not pleased one bit.

Broken play leads to another Steph 3! He crouches down--watching the ball descend through the hoop. Looks like a ship captain squinting out into the great blue unknown of the treacherous sea.

Is this going to be another David Lee DNP - CD??

Bogut huge screen --> Steph 3!!

Bob Fitzgerald: "Bogut...had the screen. [chuckling] And Curry had the three! And he gave Bogut a slap because that was the dark side of the moon. That was an eclipse as Bledsoe went down. There are screens and there are Bogut screens."

Steph another steal


Another steal.

Maaaaan. Another three for Curry.

Gets hit, falls out of bounds.

Fitz: "Another three by Mr. Curry. The crowd loving it! That's your MVP right there! 36 for Steph!

Barnett: "There are A LOT of Warriors fans here.

Fitz: "He's getting a rousing ovation on the road here! There are Warriors fans everywhere!"

As time wound down, Barbosa stood with the ball near half court.

Kerr walked somewhat nonchalantly towards him. "Hey! Shoot it!"

But Barbosa did nothing. Or maybe he did. It's hard to tell. The camera stayed on Kerr, whose inner dialogue at that point could best be summed up as, "Hmm.. Mmm...Mmmm. MmKay. Maybe not. Oh well."



--- = ---

So what did we learn?

Well, perhaps nothing we didn't know already.

Steph is a bad dude who does crazy stuff night in and night out.

The Warriors play best when (duh) they have a sense of urgency about them.

This team is really, really good.

Let's see how Steph's numbers hold up through the rest of the year. For now, it's interesting to just watch and learn.

--- = ---

EDIT: Looks like the Suns wanted a little Curry action on their team as well: