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A look into the soul of Detroit: Understanding Draymond Green.

Recapping the Warriors/Pistons game while diving into the soul of Detroit to find out what makes Draymond Draymond.

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Detroit is an intriguing city.

Before LeBron James and the Miami Heat reimagined the concept of a "Big Three," Detroit had that term on lock-down.

Once, thousands of people flocked to the metropolis to work in fabled auto factories.

And yet, the formerly thriving face of the "American Dream" has become, in many ways, the modern day epitome of fiscal and municipal failure.

On July 18, 2013, Detroit filed for bankruptcy--an unprecedented move by a major metropolitan US city. The cost of basic utilities skyrocketed. Between March 2014, and October 2014, water to residential homes was shut off approximately 26,000 times due to unpaid water bills. It got so bad that the UN sent a special force to investigate.

Can you believe that? A United Nations Human Rights team on American soil? What is this?

These types of teams are normally reporting abuses in the Central African Republic, or trying (sometimes unsuccessfully) to walk the razor thin line between attacking ISIS and attacking Islam as a whole. These are not teams of experts we are used to seeing on native soil

And yet, through the hard times, Detroit is nevertheless finding a way to change. To grow. To take life's hardships and transmute them into opportunities. Much like New York City in the 1970's, creative people are taking reality by the reins and imagining their own existence. Creating a world in which they want to live.

Broken, dilapidated houses sitting unoccupied? I bet there's a writer could fix it up and find a quiet space for work.

Underground music clubs are opening. Graffiti is exploding in psychedelic cartoon visions of reality upon the brick walls of abandoned lots.

As much as we were all shocked to see Detroit stumble so mightily, we should not be surprised to see the once-great city crawl from out the ashes. Bankruptcy seems to have worked. Jobs are returning, however slowly.


Why do I love Detroit? Because it's lawless, and, you and--and and you know wh--it maybe come around to bite your ass in the ass cuz your window got broken out and that sucks--and it does when you go through some hard times--but the lawlessness is great. Cuz you can just ride your bike to work drinking a beer, just like you're in New Orleans, where you're allowed to. But you can do that here too. It's off the chains! It's gonna be amazing! I love Michigan! Michigan, that's what's up!! Everyone in Detroit--Judas Priest is better than Iron Maiden. And Iron Maiden is the s#it.

Draymond Green is from Michigan, and in many ways exemplifies this exact energy--this exact attitude towards the world.

"Y'all don't even KNOW! Where I'm from..."

Quick aside, as regards the ongoing Dray/Glenn discussion (shout-out to TaylorMonkey for the concept):

Let us NOT FORGET that roots run deep.

No matter how much you fall in love with a new place--no matter how deeply you care for the people and places in your new home--nothing will ever compete with where you grew up. I know this all too well, living in NYC and constantly (EVERY DAY) missing Northern California. If someone offered me max money to move home, I would agree without a second's hesitation.

This is the predicament facing Draymond.

Detroit is reportedly gearing up to put a MAX offer on the table. Every indication from the Warriors front office gives the impression that they will match any and every offer. They've seen what happened in Oklahoma City--they know how preciously short a title window can last. If you are not prepared to retain a core of talented young players--if you think you can outsmart the system--you are fooling not only yourself but more importantly lying to your fan base, selling false hope.

Why do I love Detroit? Because it's lawless, and, you and--and and you know wh--it maybe come around to bite your ass in the ass cuz your window got broken out and that sucks--and it does when you go through some hard times--but the lawlessness is great.   -Drunk Dude

While Draymond feasts off of Oracle's energy, while he delights in lighting it up for the Bay, how deep does that loyalty run? Because we will never be Detroit. We will never be his home. And that's okay.

If Detroit offers the absolute max--not a max in theory, like Klay's contract, but a true max tied to the cap and everything--and Dray accepts it, will Lacob and Myers blink?

Will Draymond Green be the one that got away?

[[For a beautifully written, deep dive into Detroit (and a good many other things), pick up Jefferey Eugenides' Middlesex.]]

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Abbreviated game notes and thoughts:

As for the game, the Warriors stood their ground against a large, talented, well-coached team.

They withstood a career night from a bright, rising star in Andre Drummond (career high 27 rebounds, including--what??--17 offensive rebounds?).

Bogut still got his kicks in, however.

The ongoing question here, obviously, is the one we've been discussing for weeks now: Can the Dubs win in the playoffs when the opponent goes BIG? Sure, the Warriors were able to outlast the Detroit Pistons, but when it counts--against, say, Memphis--can they hold true to form? Will Bogut be the backbone they need to get them through?

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Interesting post game tidbit about the birth of the "Gentry Trifecta":