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Mixed Emotions: Thoughts on Kerr Resting Players

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Steve Kerr is resting Bogut, Curry, Iguodala and Bogut against Denver. This is smart, but that does not mean we have to like it.

Take a seat, Klay
Take a seat, Klay
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I get it, IN THEORY. The Warriors have a relatively safe cushion in 1st place in the Western Conference, which would guarantee them home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala have both crested over that age 30 hump. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson may have stretched themselves a little thin over the All-Star break. The Warriors don't need these guys running around in the Mile-High City because, if you haven't heard, it's harder to run around way up there. There is literally less oxygen in Denver than back home in the Bay. Turns out oxygen is necessary for playing basketball (among other things). I understand that come the playoffs we may be watching Thompson run around screens in the fourth quarter of a game six or seven and be relieved that he saved that extra oxygen for the moment that matters most.

You know what comes next?

Here it comes...


BUT I was looking forward to watching these players tonight. Maybe, I need to get a life and find something to do on a Friday night besides watch basketball. Maybe, the game would have resembled the evisceration of the Nuggets from earlier in the season, and that's not really worth watching, anyways. BUT, maybe, Curry wanted to respond to Kyrie Irving's performance last night against the Spurs. Maybe the Nuggets will bring a better challenge tonight. I can't help shake the feeling that I'm being deprived of what could have been a great game of basketball.

This is not to say that the game won't still be great. Part of the fun of those games where Gregg Popovich rests his starters is that he has prepared his bench to challenge the best teams in basketball and prove they belong on the national stage. The Warriors' bench has been playing well lately and should hold up well against the Nuggets. However, Popovich at least had the gall to pull this trick on national TV against successful teams. It feels like Steve Kerr is trying to fly under the radar by resting these players for a road game in Denver on a Friday evening. Well let me tell you something, Coach Kerr: this does not fly under my radar.

Whenever I watched the guys on TNT argue about whether the Spurs should have rested starters, I always agreed with the Spurs. I knew why they were doing it. I imagined the smug look on the faces of Spurs fans as they shared a secret that no one else could understand. They knew what it took to win championships, and we did not. But now everyone is in on the secret, and we are all missing out on the best basketball because of this phenomenon. Now that I'm the one rooting for a team that is resting players, I feel worse about it than I'd imagined I would have.

I know that this is a smart move by Kerr. I'm glad the Warriors have a coach who knows what the ultimate goal is and how to best achieve it. But I can't help but feel just a little bummed out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Warriors fans who planned to meet up with friends and watch this game are bummed out. Nuggets fans who were hoping to catch some of the elusive game called "good basketball" are bummed out. My mind and my heart are conflicted on this one. Maybe, I'll just have to get another hobby for the next month while the Warriors are coasting towards the playoffs.

#1stSeedProblems, I suppose.

Bonus Note: Apparently Marreese Speights will also be suspended for this game due to a reckless driving incident that occurred during the offseason. Welp, good thing David Lee is rested up for this one.