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Warriors have a day off: Exploring the interwebs searching for content that (sometimes) relates to the Dubs

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Instead of recapping last night's Lakers game, we listen to Kendrick Lamar's new album, discuss Klay's week-long shelving due to a sprained ankle, and think about St. Patrick's day.

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It's a beautiful day here in Brooklyn.

The trees are still bare, and the wind recently picked up--blowing trash cans into the street, billowing tiny whirlwinds of candy wrappers and dirty kleenex--but the sun is out and I am content merely to watch the changing of the seasons.

Sunlight and trees. I'm eagerly awaiting leaves.

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So how am I spending the day?

Inside, of course, thinking about basketball.

What follows are a list of things I found interesting on the interwebs today:

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1.) Man. This new Kendrick Lamar record, To Pimp A Butterfly, is ridiculous.

Thundercat (who we mentioned earlier) is all over it. As well as Flying Lotus, Robert Glasper and a bunch of other jazz/RnB heads from LA and NYC who are loosely associated with the independent label Brainfeeder--creating a whole new synthesis of jazz and rap and creative, thoughtful expression.

Anyways, this is what I'm listening to as I write this post, so you might as well.

[[Note: Originally, I had the album embedded here, but upon further soul-searching, removed it. There are some pretty heavy, racially-charged lyrics throughout and I don't want to offend anyone. That being said, if you want, GO FIND IT--spotify, iTunes, etc--start it up and then come back here and read the rest of this piece. I'll wait.






Okay, moving forward.]]

2.) So, damn, Klay Thompon is out for about a week, huh?


However, speculation immediately ramped up that his absence could actually bolster Stephen Curry's MVP case.

You know, if Steph comes through big, the MVP voters will see how intrinsically important Steph is to this team--that he can win without Klay.

3.) Zach Lowe (of Grantland) named Draymond Green to his 2015 "Marc Gasol All Stars," in which he lists his favorite players in the NBA to watch.

Zach referred to him as "Draymond MF-ing Green," which is apt.

Here's the first paragraph from the write-up:

Our only repeat Gasol is the most entertaining non-superstar in the league. Draymond MF-ing Green is a living monument to everything that is great about the NBA. He entered the league as a doughy second-rounder who couldn't shoot or defend any position. Three years later, he's just good enough on wide-open 3s to be a problem, and he can defend all five positions on some (most?) nights.

Check out the whole article HERE.

4.) Also from Grantland, Bill Simmons ranked Stephen Curry #3 on his annual "NBA Trade-Value" column.

It's a fine, fine read and should be ingested in its entirety, but here is the end paragraph in which he picks Curry #3 (over James Harden - #4 - and Russell Westbrook - #5).

But Curry? He has replaced Derrick Rose as the league's reigning "If He Got Traded, The Fans Would Riot And Flip Over Cars And Set Things On Fire" guy. You will see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge get traded before Steph Curry. And over everything else, that's why I have him ranked third. I'm glad we did this.

You're goddamn right we would riot and flip over cars and set things on fire. You can read the whole article HERE.

5.) It is Saint Patrick's day.

A day in which we celebrate Irish culture and heritage. Or, rather, we think we are celebrating Irish heritage and culture. Sometimes it seems that we are celebrating getting hammered on green beer. Or celebrating our right to wear flimsy, sparkled shamrock hats and leprechaun ears that leave a disgusting green sparkly residue in our hair and on our skin.

But here, in this aritcle, we can celebrate St. Patty's day the correct way: by listening to the Chieftains.

Seriously, stop the Kendrick for a second and listen to this! It is one of my FAVORITE songs of all time.

Quick aside: I was in fifth grade and we were each supposed to pick a country and do some sort of home room presentation on that country. I picked Ireland, and instead of making a show and tell billboard or whatever, I brought in a boom box and put on this song, from a beautiful live record by the Chieftains. I barely said anything, just let my fellow classmates listen to the song in its entirety. My teacher really didn't know what to do with me--I was pulling crap like this all the time--so she just let it roll. The other kids were COMPLETELY nonplussed. I said, "Seriously, check this out! It's my favorite song right now!" A couple of kids chuckled and ribbed one another. "Really?" they asked. "You really like this stuff?!" "I do! I do! Listen!" I said. Remember, this was in the heyday of Brittney Spears and N'SYNC and other such nonsense. The song came to an end, and I turned off the boombox. "Any questions?" I asked. The only person who stirred was a cute girl I had a crush on, and she raised her hand and said, "Umm, you know that song is sung from the perspective of the girl, right? That doesn't, you know, bother you or anything?" I turned bright red. And that was the end of that.

Further side note: Did you know that Bon Iver recorded with the Chieftains??! Whoa. Neither did I.

Okay, that was fun. You can start the Kendrick record back up.

6.) Fun random stat:

7.) Important NCAA bracket-filling-out advice:

8.) For anyone who is overly upset about the Klay injury news, I leave you with this:

9.) Okay, haha, sorry I lied. One more.


--- = ---


I just went outside for the first time today (other than to take that picture of the trees as the sun set). The temperature has plummeted back down into the 30's. The wind is blowing, but one obstinate ice-cream man will not be denied. His truck is blaring rat-shards of strange merry-go-round high-pitched organ music interrupted sporadically by a robot lady voice exclaiming "HELLO?!" as if that will make us want ice cream in this frigid climate.

Oh, New York, how I love thee.