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Weekend Roundup: Warriors win twice, Nash retires

The Warriors won their games against the New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz. Steve Nash retired. Kevin Durant was sidelined indefinitely.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With Klay Thompson sidelined after spraining his ankle, many thought Stephen Curry could potentially shore up his MVP candidacy by resorting to hero ball--taking over the games, showing the world what's what. However, that is not how this team operates. Individual glory is always sacrificed in the name of greater good, and Klay's injury has only strengthened that lesson.

The Warriors relied on a couple of unlikely heroes en route to beating the New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz.

Leandro Barbosa stepped up big. He was a team high +26 in the New Orleans game, and he scored 19 points in a little over 27 minutes of play last night versus the Jazz. Over the past 25 games, he is shooting 50.9% from beyond the arc.

Side observation: I found it interesting that The Dubs played New Orleans and then the Jazz on back to back nights. I always felt the name Jazz belonged to the city of New Orleans and no one else. Sure, most people associate the Jazz with Stockton and Malone and all things "high-elevationy" and "Salt Lakey," but having a team named the Jazz in the heart of Utah instead of in the Crescent City is a sad state of affairs.

Harrison Barnes played with a high level of calm, maturity and confidence. Without Klay,  he really stepped up and took control of the game.

Draymond Green had another fun stat line last night: He was only 2 - 10 from the field but was 11 - 13 from the free throw line, finishing with 15 points.

On Saturday, Steph danced his way through a rough shooting night.

At one point in the NOLA game, Curry was 1 - 13 from the field. When he finally hit a three, in the third quarter, he had some fun with it (as did this awesome kid in the crowd).

Also, in the Utah game, Steph hit a "Circus shot of the Year" candidate:

--- = ---

#SlateNight continues to be a real thing that brings the Warriors happiness and wins.

--- = ---

Ros: "You've been on many top playoff teams. Do you think the right things are coming together now for the Warriors, going into the playoffs?"

Leandro: "Definitely that. We gonna be Championship."

Ros: " [...pause...] Thank you Leandro, awesome!

Leandro: "[laughing] Alright!"

Ros: "Bob [off camera giggling]. Wow!"

I want to answer all questions in this manner from now on.

"So, um, how did you feel about the show last night? Did you think the crowd responded well?"

"Definitely that. We gonna be Championship."

"Wait, you're going to be... What?!"


"Hey Bram, great to see you again! We met a few years ago. This is my buddy Taylor!"

[Friend extends hand]

"Definitely that. We gonna be Championship."

--- = ---

A lot of other things are happening around the NBA:

1.) So much love and respect to Santa Clara University's own Steve Nash, who announced his retirement in an article on the player's tribune yesterday afternoon. Read the whole piece, if only for this epic quote from the one and only Don Nelson.

Don Nelson insisted that I score. I always wanted to pass but he said, "It's goddamn selfish when you don't shoot." Or, "If you're a dominant fucking player — dominate!" He insisted that I be aggressive. That growth was a turning point in my career.

Steve Kerr made the point that Steph's game is the direct descendant of Nash's game. SI's Lee Jenkins wrote a beautiful piece about Nash's legacy.

2.) The Thunder indefinitely shelved Kevin Durant due to a foot injury which has already sidelined him for much of the season. Beyond the obvious tough ramifications league wide, how do we, specifically as Dubs fans, feel about facing the Thunder in the first round now?

3..) Always love Gregg PopovichNever stop being you, Pop.

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