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The Splash Effect from Gametime - Golden State Warriors tickets on the road

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The Splash Effect outside of Roaracle.

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Brad Griffith, CEO of mobile ticket app Gametime, is one of my favorite startup founders and not just because of his high hoops IQ. On Yahoo! Sports Talk Live the other week Brad broke down The Splash Effect. The Warriors are not only a hot ticket at the Roaracle, but also on the road, spiking prices across the hardwood around the nation.

I remember the early days of Golden State of Mind when the Warriors were barely on the NBA map. Now they're a top road draw. Times have changed for the splashy!

More about Gametime: Last minute tickets at unbeatable prices.

"As seen on the Today Show: Gametime turns your phone into a ticket to your favorite sports games in select cities around the country!

Gametime makes finding the perfect seats easy, affordable and fun. Since we're team-focused, there's no searching or sifting through events. We examine thousands of potential tickets then present you with only the best values - not an impossibly long list of options. We find the best deals and pass the savings on to you.

Each listing includes an epic panoramic view from your seat so you know what to expect at the game. After purchase, tickets are delivered directly to your phone so you never need a printer. Your tickets can be shared via email or SMS to anyone in your group, and they are 100% protected by our GAMETIME GUARANTEE.

With Gametime, getting into the game is almost as amazing as being there.

The Splash Effect 2