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GSoM Weekend Roundup: Warriors and Knicks both hit 60

We take a look at all the things happening around the NBA this weekend. In other news, Steve Kerr made the right choice.

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On Friday night, The Warriors played the Memphis Grizzlies. In Memphis. In the fabled Grindhouse. One team was grinded, the other floated away from the scrum like a chorus of weightless angels. (I'll give you a hint. Memphis lost. Bad.)

Things like this happened:

Did you know that only two teams in the East have a better home record than the Warriors' road record? So sayeth Ziller:

Last night, the Warriors faced the Milwaukee Bucks, in Milwaukee, and beat them as well. The Warriors have now won nine straight and are 14 - 1 in their last 15, with the lone loss being that weirdo game in Denver.

With the win, the Warriors 1.) hit 60 wins on the season, 2.) set a franchise-record for wins, and 3.) clinched the one-seed in the murderous Western Conference playoffs. They are TEN games up on the second place (recently beaten) Grizzlies with nine games to play. What a season.

Still hungry. #Blessed

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Afterwards, the team celebrated wildly--throwing champagne all over their plane. Drinking straight from the #VictoryChalice of life. Setting money on fire and clamoring to ascend to--no? No, they didn't go crazy? Oh, right, I guess, well...they understand that the regular season isn't the prize.

Although, looks like at least some money changed hands. Is Curry a sneaky good card player and no one ever talks about it?

Cooling on this long flight to LA #dubnation @money23green @brush_4 @klaythompson @wardell30 @dleeo42

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Side Note: I think we can all agree on one thing. Rosalyn Gold-Onwude is not only incredibly personable and likable, but she is really, really good at her job. On Friday, she got some well deserved support and praise from Ann Killion, in an article in SFGate. She also got some unasked for admiration from a creepy ref at the game last night. Keep being you, Ros. You rock.

Also, I found it highly satisfying/ironic/revealing that the Warriors won their 60th game on the very same day that the New York Knicks lost their 60th game. Seems like Steve Kerr made a wise decision. Reminds me that the only reason Steve Kerr chose the Dubs over the Knicks is because the New York media hates kittens. Seriously, it's a documented #fact.

--- = ---

Other teams did stuff too:

Earlier this weekend, Chris Paul did THIS:

A perfect example of using the "yo-yo dribble" as Mike Prada called it recently.

Note: I've watched this approximately 235 times now, and there are still aspects of the move that confuse me. Don't sleep on the trickiness factor of the initial spin move--how YOU THINK he switches the ball from left to right hand midway through, but in reality ONLY USES HIS RIGHT HAND THE WHOLE TIME--but actually after watching it for the 300th or so time, I was totally wrong and he does use his left hand, duh, and I guess now would be a preeeetty good time to stop talking. I'm still not sure what's happening. Dang Chris.

Also, Kevin Durant will have surgery on his troublesome foot and is officially out for the rest of the season. Well, that sucks. But, at least we know now that the Dubs will DEFINITELY NOT have to face him in the first round.

The Kentucky Wildcats fought off a frisky Notre Dame team to reach the final four. I only mention this because 1.) most of these Kentucky dudes will be in the NBA next year, and 2.) sorry Fitz. The potential #1 overall pick, Karl Anthony-Towns, came up huge when it mattered. He had 25 points, 17 in the second half, on just 13 shots. If you missed the game (because, you know: WARRIORS!!), here's a good recap.

Alright, hope y'all had a good weekend!

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