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How well do you know your Golden State Warriors?

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Think you know your team? Let's have a little fun! Who better to have a Warriors trivia challenge with than the most knowledgeable fans on the internet?

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There is a lot of knowledge on Golden State of Mind. It never ceases to amaze me how in depth the conversations get around here, regardless of the topic. However, this is a basketball site, and specifically dedicated to the Golden State Warriors.

For this challenge, all of the conversation will be about our favorite basketball team.


- It's basically playground rules trivia, sort of like HORSE

- First person to answer the question correctly gets to ask the next question

- If no one answers the question within 20 minutes, the original person who answered the question gets to ask a new question

- Answers are to be written as replies to the question

- New questions are to be written as new comments

- You can ask questions about any member of the Warriors, whether it's a player, coach, owner, or management (etc.), past or present

- Warriors trivia only please!

- Try not to get too obscure (i.e.- how many rows are in Oracle Arena)

Side note:This is an idea Parvenu came up with in the FanPost section. It seems like such a fun idea, but it needs your participation! I tweaked the rules a hair, but the credit for this one lies with Parvenu, who has been lighting up the FanPost section lately. I don't know if you all have been keeping up with the work that our community has been posting up there lately, but there is a lot of great content over there by Parvenu, LOVEMEORSPEIGHTSME, and other knowledgeable fans. Golden State of Mind is and always has been driven by the community members, and I'd like to encourage all of you to spend some time checking it out!

Alright, let's get it started. I'll get it going with an easy one. The first question is:

Before Mark Jackson, who was the last coach to lead the Warriors to the playoffs?