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A Visual Representation of the Golden State Warriors' Minutes

With the wave of recent comments regarding minutes, rotations, and fatigue, it seemed like a good time to post some visual representations of minutes played.

The first two charts are '100% Stacked Area' charts - both a color and grayscale version.

A few notes about these:

  • I refrained from adding in axis titles, or axis markers. They cluttered already busy charts, and (I thought) required added explanation regardless.
  • X-axis: The game number played, as in, game #1 of the season (far left), or the most recent game #59 against the Bucks (far right).
  • Y-axis: Percent of total minutes, per game. This means that the thickness of any players' color at any point is a percentage of the total minutes played that game. The thicker the color, the more minutes that player had at that point in the season.
  • There were two overtime games, which aren't accounted for by nature of the percent axis (% of 265 min vs. % of 240 min).
  • The All-Star Game is not accounted for.
  • I tried to cluster players with similar roles together, but it's far from ideal.
  • This seemed to be the best of the available options to represent this data, but it certainly isn't perfect. The 'points' make sense (they correspond to games) - the lines that connect them do not. This is misleading in the sense that you're supposed to track the width of a player's color, but the width is only accurate at points, not between them.

Shout-out to LOVEMEORSPEIGHTSME for his interesting fanpost where he asks the question: should Steve Kerr rest Klay Thompson for a few games? That poll is looking pretty definitive...

Here's a Klay Thompson bar graph of minutes played, which you can reference before voting:

If you're interested in a similar chart for another player, let me know in the comments and I'll edit them in.

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