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Warriors thoroughly drub the Clippers on national TV.

Draymond Green will not be taking any guff from these swine.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors beat the Clippers thoroughly today and the world watched.

On national television, Draymond Green and the gang showed everyone why they are the best team in basketball.

I have some thoughts.

1.) Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen called the game on ABC. I really like Van Gundy's mind for the game, and Breen is unparalleled in his professionalism, but the combination of all three of them is really, really tough to listen to sometimes. They spend so much time talking about everything OTHER than the game in front of them. And every time Mark Jackson praises the team, it comes off as super awkward.

2.) Shaun Livingston had an awesome game. He and Austin Rivers got into it at one point once the game had turned into a rout. Austin got up in his face, trying to talk, and Livingston only pointed up at the scoreboard. Like, "Yo. Chill young man. Look how much you're losing by. Don't talk to me." Bonus points to Shaun for that.

3.) Doc Rivers sounds crazy. HOW IS HIS VOICE SO GRAVELY? He's got a kind of DMX/Miles Davis thing going on. Update: some Googling led to this article, which is really interesting.

Never Forget: Miles was a baaaaaad dude.

Also, real quick DMX story: I was in college, attending a music conservatory here in New York City. There was a local Dominican diner called Mi Floridita around the corner from the school--uptown, on 125th street in Harlem. We would play music until three, four, sometimes five in the morning and then go to the diner and drink cafe con leches until the sun rose. One night, sometime around three or so, we were sitting in there, and DMX walked in with a crew of about twenty dudes. They were all flying HIGH, just rolled in off the street. DMX set up shop in the back of the restaurant, his guys surrounding him, and proceeded to yell at the top of his lungs, "HEY! YOOOO! Y'ALL GOT ANY RAISIN BRAN??? MY GUYS, WE NEED RAAAAISIN BRAAAAAAAAN!" And then he just started cackling, laughing his ass off. The waitress brought them maybe forty little tiny boxes of raisin bran, and the guys all sat there eating bowls of cereal and telling jokes. I loved it. Never been able to look at cereal the same way since.

Anyways, moving on.

4.) Stephen Curry is a wizard. Seriously. How is this even possible??!

My wife's reaction to this play: "Maybe that's the secret, you know? Maybe Curry actually IS a wizard. When he gets home he puts on his sparkly robe and pointed hat and pours strange elixirs of newt's tears or whatever and that's what gives him his crazy basketball skills."

Now THAT is some good analysis.

Also, Steve Kerr's reaction to Steph's shot is everything:

5.) Draymond owns the Clippers. He will not take any f--ing guff from these swine.

First this:

And now this:

Followed by this:

From earlier:

Never change Dray, never change.

I actually had to watch the game a few hours after it had happened, on replay from League Pass. I was in a recording studio in the woods for the past three days making a record. The service was pretty shotty. One of my friends who was watching the game down in Brooklyn started a group text, and so the only news I had from the game were these text messages that filtered in from time to time when the cell service blew in on the wind. Therefore, until I actually watched the game, this was my sole knowledge of what transpired:

So sick. Y'all watching this?


Klay looking good

Best half he'd had in a while

No scores plz


100-101 @ da half


Big Baby and Bogut needs to be a sitcom

How many doubles does Ezeli have?

All of them

Love Dre

[[link to an article with Dray's post-game shade throwing]]

I'm naming all my children Draymond

So I knew I was in for a good one.

6.) LOLOLZ forever at the height difference when Livingston was guarding Nate Robinson.

7.) So much love for Livingston. Every time he has a good game (season-high 21 points tonight!) I am super happy for the dude. What he's gone through since the injury (if you don't know, look it up. Not embedding here, too gruesome) is nothing short of amazing. I hope he plays until he's 40. Awesome story.

8.) This guy rules. Waving a Brazilian flag (after a Barbosa made-three) rocking an old school Jason Richardson jersey?! Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Alright, hope y'all had a good weekend. Sorry for the super late night recap. Looking forward to the game tomorrow!