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"The Crossover"

Stephen Curry crosses over Chris Paul and the world (internet) explodes.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the world changed.

This happened:

Followed by the Warriors bench doing this:

Our very own Andy Liu had a really funny take on the whole thing:

To which I promptly said:

Before realizing that Andy was only joking:

But seriously, it got me thinking...

1.) Stephen Curry and Chris Paul are both from North Carolina.

2.) For years, Paul has been the prohibitive, hands-down best point guard in the NBA. Now, we have the strange two-headed beast of Russell Westbrook vs. Curry argument, already covered at length.

3.) They co-star in those damn State Farm ads. Which reminds me:

When did it flip? How did this small, gangly, sudden college superstar turned NBA assassin claim not only the title of "North Carolina's most famous basketball player," but more importantly, "best point guard in the NBA" from the wonder-boy golden-child once famed All-American Christopher Emmanuel "Chris" Paul?

--- = ---

Chris Paul has long been one of the most vocal, visible, and important members of the NBA community. He is the president of the National Basketball Players Association. He does a million commercials, most visibly as the leader of those aforementioned State Farm commercials. He is one of the league's leaders in off the court earnings.

Now is as good a time as any to remember when he and LeBron James dished out life lessons to a young Steph, James Harden and Hasheem Thabeet (!!!).

Steph, in many ways, has grown up in the shadow of Chris Paul. He attended his famous CP3 skills camp. While Paul was a McDonalds All American in high school, Steph barely received a D1 offer.

But the similarities are there as well. They both stayed in North Carolina to attend college. They both are wizards with the basketball. They share a love for hard work, and a love for the game itself.

And so when Steph crossed CP3 last night, it felt like a momentous event.

It is no secret that the Clippers and Warriors hate each other. It is a rivalry unparalleled in the modern day NBA. Everyone and their mother are pulling for these two teams to meet in this year's playoffs. The tension would be unbearable.

"The Crossover," as it has been dubbed, somehow perfectly provided the authoritative stamp on the "Curry is better than CP3" argument that has been brewing all year. Shit, it's been brewing for many years. Since college, since high school. Ever since people started comparing the two players. Both diminutive point guards from North Carolina.

--- = ---

Reactions from around the league:

Isiah Thomas was impressed:

As was all of Los Angeles:

As was Bill Simmons, who attended the game:

Shout out to the Warriors fans who TOOK OVER STAPLES CENTER LAST NIGHT!!

And, also, shout out to Chris Paul for having a sense of humor:

--- = ---

There's a lot to love about this season. But last night's game—a game that meant the world to the Clippers, and absolutely nothing (standings-wise) to the Warriors—may have been one of my favorites.

Keep rocking Steph.

Cross over the world. Show them what time it is.

***Steph Time***

And how many times have Warriors fans come through?!

"MVP!!----------MVP!!--------MVP!!" chants booming, echoing through the rafters of once-hostile arenas. Where there are more Warriors fans in the building of the opponent. Mmmmmmm. I love it.

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