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GSoM Weekend Roundup: Dubs take game 1, James Goldstein thinks they can go all the way

Dubs start to blow out Pelicans, decide against it at the last moment to retain their competitive edge. Plus, we talk about James Goldstein and look over other news from around the NBA.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

James Goldstein is a multi-millionaire NBA superfan and European fashion aficionado.

He has cultivated an extravagant lifestyle—jetsetting around the globe, wearing outrageous garb, sitting court side at thousands of NBA games over the years.

His NBA Playoff travel itinerary is the stuff of legend:

That's 13 games in 12 days, with the Texas-two-step on Sunday April 26th.

Video evidence of James Goldstein's ballerness:

"I buy the most expensive tickets."

He and Mychael Thompson chatted it up in the hallways before yesterday's game. Ann Killion quoted Goldstein as saying, "[The Warriors] are beautiful to watch. They can win it all."

Alright then. I'll take it.

I learned long ago not to judge other people's obsessions. With me, it's music and basketball. With Jimmy, it's fashion and basketball and whatever other crazed illuminati tasks he has going on the side.

He's long been notoriously cagey about his income source and his personal life, even saying, "I realize I've become somewhat of a legend, yes. And that has brought stories with it. . . . But I like that."

I love it.

As for the game:

The Warriors came out and dominated the New Orleans Pelicans. It seemed like their defense was moving at warp speed. Stephen Curry and company were fired up, soaking in the yellow-tinted love from Oracle.

Steph gonna Steph and Playoff-Steph gonna Playoff-Steph even harder:

However, they let off the gas pedal a bit going into the fourth quarter, and the Pelicans made a furious, Anthony Davis-led comeback closing to within four points in the final minutes.

Here is where I show the necessary reminder that Anthony Davis is an advance scout from our future alien overlords and should not be trusted:

In the end, the Dubs were victorious.

Honestly, it seems the best of all possible outcomes. The Warriors got the win, but now will not be complacent moving forward. Steve Kerr has all the teaching material necessary to remind the team that anything can and will happen in the playoffs. A team with its back against the wall is a dangerous team, especially when they have the most outlandish basketball player on the planet earth playing for them.

The Pelicans are young and inexperienced in the playoffs. They will be nervous, they will play tight. But again, they have Anthony Davis. There will be no easy gliding in this series.

--- = ---

News from around the NBA:

Derrick Rose continued his remarkable comeback against Milwaukee, scoring an efficient 23 points on 9-16 shooting to go along with seven assists in 27 minutes.

He seemed to have his explosiveness back, and was fearless driving to the basket. At one point, he hit three consecutive 3-pointers. The crowd even serenaded him with MVP chants, which seemed a little off, but hey. Everyone is excited for Derrick. Everyone has empathy for him.

Elsewhere, the Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors played an excruciating overtime game which the Wizards eventually won.

Also, the Houston Rockets prevailed against the Dallas Mavericks even though James Harden had an off night. I'm gonna go ahead and proclaim the Mavericks the only weak link in this historic Western Conference field.

Alright! That's all for now. Got another fantastic day of basketball ahead of us, including Boston - Cleveland, which is just about to tip.

Happy Sunday y'all!

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