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Steph Curry's basketball journey rooted in selflessness

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Flaherty at 247Sports revisits the recruitment of Stephen Curry as a youngster at Charlotte Christian School in North Carolina. He spoke with Curry's high school coach, Shonn Browne, about some of his personality as a player back in the day:

"People would throw different things at him and he would pass it up," Brown said. "We had to tell him that we wanted him taking X amount of shots per game, to take X amount of shots per quarter. He could shoot it off the dribble as a point guard or off the catch, and he shot such a good percentage.

"But he didn't want to be a ball hog or a selfish player," Brown said. "And he wasn't. There's a difference. He was on a really good team and the last thing he wanted to do was shoot the ball 20-to-25 times per game while other guys were standing around watching. We had to tell him that wasn't the case. It took a little bit of massaging. And once he understood and recognized that, his senior year, we went 33-3 and all those things continued to materialize."

Jim Fox, an assistant at Davidson during Curry's recruitment, also has some interesting perspective on Steph ending up at a small school despite his burgeoning talent:

"We loved his IQ and the way he played the game," Fox said. "He was ahead of everybody else. There were times where he'd commit a turnover because he was ahead in his thought process, but it wasn't really his turnover, you know?"

"The natural question is why the big guys missed out on him," Fox said. "And the big guys did miss out. But I also think that Steph wound up at the best fit for him. He went to a place that valued him and developed him. He definitely would have looked at Virginia Tech because his dad played there.

"For any kind of competitive person, being told that people don't think you're good enough for them, I'm sure in his mind, he used it as motivation," Fox said. "But Steph was just so comfortable ... I don't think he agonized over that, where he could have been. He loved where he was and he loved everything about Davidson. He was always very self motivated, and he never had a doubt that he was going to the NBA. But I'm sure that motivated him a little bit, sure."

Y'all check out the full article over here. It's full of some great stuff on Steph's background.

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