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Golden State Warriors Top Five Stories of the Week

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To finish the week, we look at the five most important Warriors pieces of note this week.

Stephen Curry, likely MVP.
Stephen Curry, likely MVP.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Warriors clinched the Western Conference's top seed and won their 60th game against the Bucks!

2. Golden State won their tenth game in a row, beating the rival Clippers in L.A.

3. In that game, Stephen Curry broke Chris Paul's ankles. Bram Kincheloe on why "The Crossover" was so significant.

4. An in-depth look at Curry's defensive growth by Apricot.

5. "Drink it in...Stephen Curry is your MVP," Andy Liu wrote after Curry's 38 points helped the Warriors beat the Grizzlies.

Also: Golden State of Mind launched a podcast this week!!! Check it out!

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