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Bulls at Bucks Game 6, Clippers at Spurs Game 6, NBA Playoffs 2015: Two contenders look to advance

The Bulls look to close out their series on the road, facing a cohesive Milwaukee squad gaining momentum. Similarly, the Spurs look to put the first round behind them, taking on a desperate Clippers team in San Antonio. The NFL draft starts humming in the background.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After going up 3-0, the Bulls have struggled to close out a series that many predicted would be a sweep. Now the tally stands at 3-2, as a surging Milwaukee team has regained the momentum. Can their home crowd will them to another surprising win, and force a Game 7 in the process? Could they potentially be the first team in history to make it back from a 0-3 deficit? Or will the Bulls say enough is enough and finish them off? Both Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose had rough shooting nights in Game 5 (combined 10/41), and it would be surprising to see that continue tonight.

So far, the Clippers-Spurs series has been the gift that keeps on giving. Why should we expect that to stop tonight? This matchup has to take the cake for the most exciting in the playoffs thus far. Tim Duncan has been incredible, Kawhi Leonard is continuing his understated, impact-every-possession persona, and the depth of the Spurs shines in comparison to the shallow Clippers. But the future of the Clippers' Big Three could be threatened with a first round exit - their desperation is at a peak right now, which often translates to ruthless energy on the hardwood. Should be a very worthwhile watch... If the Spurs do end up advancing, the Clippers' post-game interviews could be cringeworthy, or incredibly satisfying, depending on your level of hatred for them.

Tonight's Schedule:

  • Chicago at Milwaukee, 4 p.m. PST (TNT)
  • Round 1 of the NFL Draft, 5 p.m. PST (ESPN)
  • Los Angeles Clippers at San Antonio, 6:30 p.m. PST (TNT)

If you're interested in following the NFL draft, here's a link to the SB Nation draft page. And here are team specific pages: Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers.

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