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Curry sprays magic dust all over the fourth quarter, breaks his own record

Every night is another night for Steph to blow our fragile little minds.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You feel like maybe at this point we would be used to this sort of thing?


[[stares blankly into the bathroom mirror searching for answers that will not come]]

How is it that after all these years, Stephen Curry still pulls off some crazy shit that makes you gape—slack-jawed and simple-minded—staring at the television like a buffoon? Screaming or dancing or jumping or however it is you individually choose to express pure amazement. I feel like at some point we should all have grown accustomed to this level of individual brilliance.

But if I ever get to  point where I expect (or, worse, demand) performances like this—freewheeling, fun, full of the spark of life itself—please slap my stupid face right in its stupid face.

Goddamn Steph, what a night.


Some reactions from around the league, especially as we moved towards and then through that magical fourth quarter:

James Michael McAdoo had the #PostGameHotTake:

--- = ---

It's stupid that a game like this will most likely seal Steph getting the MVP, but that is the nature of these awards. Each performance swings the votes, or at least shapes the narrative.

But, anyways, enough of that.

Let's all stand back and admire the beauty of Steph's performance.

Hot damn, get some.

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