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Game four, Philadelphia, and bees

Does this game come with bees?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I'll keep this really short because there's a basketball game happening now—LeBron is shooting 80% as I write this for 18 points—and I realize most of the comments will be a live stream gameThread of that game.

Fine and dandy.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching game four last night.

Didn't you too?

I guess, that is, if you're a Warriors fan. Or a fan of movement.

Or someone who had hoped to see a compelling series.

I watched the game in the backseat of my own car—my wife was driving. We were coming back from Philadelphia where we'd been mixing her debut album. I had my computer plugged into my phone, using EasyTether to get internet in the middle of the Jersey turnpike.

Nate approved:

Goddamn I enjoyed what I saw.

Steph almost blew it:

But then he totally redeemed himself:

Along the way he hit some crazy ass shots:

--- = ---

After driving home watching the game, I finally fell asleep around 1am. And then got up at 5:30am and then happened to witness (not in any particular order):

1.) Whole court house evacuated because of an electrical fire.

2.) Two guys, who were struggling violently, arrested during the evacuation. Not sure exactly what happened there.

3.) Ran into an old friend who was on his way to GET MARRIED to his long term girlfriend. We caught up briefly, and then a few minutes later the soon-to-be-wife ran back and asked if I could hold on to my buddy's pocket knife because the court house had metal detectors.

4.) A four year old strolled up to me and asked (we were selling, among other things, sunflowers), "Do these flowers come with bees??!"

"You mean, does each sunflower come with its own set of bees? No. No, they don't."

"Yesssssssssssssss. Thank you!" and he did a little fist pump in the air and walked away.

That's pretty much how I feel/felt about game four.

Does this game come with bees?

Do you mean, Will this game sting you and disfigure your love of basketball? No, no this game does not come with bees.


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