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Bad lip reading, game five, and a song

Game of Thrones gets hijacked. The Warriors reassert dominance.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

On days off, sometimes, there is the undeniable urge to say "Screw it," and crawl under the covers and watch five or maybe six episodes of Game of Thrones.

Pull the shades. Turn off the phone. Hobble the horses and blow out the campfire.

I'm not working today.

It's hard to find the motivation necessary to, say, do the dishes or change the cat litter.

But I did stumble across this:

There is a strangeness associated with seeing characters you know and love inhabited by foreign bodies. You see Eddard's lips move and you expect a certain accent. A certain substance.

But everything is different. Nothing is the same.

Games two and three were like this.

As if the bodies of these characters that we know and love—Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes—had been upended by nefarious forces and turned into wandering meat-sacks of ineptitude and sadness.

That is to say, I am ecstatic to see our guys running and smiling and gunning and swinging for the fences and lobbing and dunking and being goofballs.

Goddamn, I missed that.

--- = ---

Some thoughts (and Vines) from the game.

1.) Barnes must really be seriously attending to his hot yoga regiment, because I'm not sure how in the hell he survived THIS:

2.) Steph continued to wizard, as evidenced by how he closed the first quarter:

3.) Andrew Bogut had a series of lobs. He lobbed to the left, he lobbed to the right. He lobbed all night. All night.

4.) Harrison had a damn fine game. I love him. Say what you will, but Playoff Barnes is my favorite manifestation of the man. He is himself, but constantly better. We should all strive to improve in such a way. In important moments, I think "Playoff Barnes, Playoff Barnes, Playoff Barnes," and then I elevate my game and conquer whatever situation unfolds.

5.) Klay iced the proceedings with a four point play:

--- = ---

For whatever reason, I am deciding to use the word "Splendiferous" in this article.

Do you know what it means?

I thought I did, but I was super wrong.

It means:

adjective: informal, humorous
"a splendiferous Sunday dinner"

We should all strive towards splendiferituity ((?))

This article has been exceedingly splendiferous.


That's all.

Wait, did you guys see this? Dig it:

Quick back story:

A huge Warriors fan named Emerson Hoff sent this video to Nate, who then forwarded it to me. I was going to write a piece about it today, but the main SBNation site ended up picking it up yesterday.

I emailed Emerson to let him know we all loved the song and that it had gone viral online, and he sent me back this very cool email:


Glad you liked the song!

A bit about us: We both work in the city, but we live in Oakland. We're both die-hard Warriors fans, we've been lucky enough to watch Steph Curry and the team all season and it's been electric. We first started singing the song at Game 1 of the Playoffs. We were at the stadium joking around, and just started singing it. The Warriors won the game, we carried on singing, and ended up at a bar where we put ‘Let it be' on the jukebox. Everyone in the bar started singing along. When we saw how catchy it was, we both agreed we'd try and get a real version recorded.

Originally we reached out to the Interfaith Gospel Choir here in Oakland. We know how important faith is to Steph, and we also wanted to capture that congregational, gospel vibe. Unfortunately, we couldn't make that happen. Instead we reached out to a friend who works at a music studio, he got a few singers he knows together and they did an incredible job with the song.

Every time we play the song it puts a smile on our faces. We're glad other Warriors fans like it and hope it can help support the team throughout the playoffs. One thing's for sure, we'll be there tonight, and we'll be singing it.

Emerson & Craig

I am all in on this.

When I first viewed the video a day or so ago, it had 17 views. Now it has over 71,000.

We are a team. And we make each other stronger.

Ra-ra and such forth.


Game six tomorrow. Chance to end this.

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