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Clippers vs. Spurs Game 7, NBA Playoffs 2015: A great series comes to an end

The Clippers and Spurs face off tonight in what should be an exciting Game 7 on TNT at 5 p.m. PST.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

For those not totally consumed by boxing hype, the L.A. Clippers and San Antonio Spurs will face off for what should be a pretty exciting game tonight.

To illustrate just how good this series has been, perhaps it's useful to see what SB Nation's Clippers and Spurs blogs are saying about their respective opponents.

Bruno Passos of Pounding the Rock captured the spirit of the series nicely in their preview:

The first six games of their first-round barnburner have been everything that Spurs fans expected dreaded it would be, and everything casual fans hoped it would be. The Clippers' best has shone at times, and so has the Spurs'. When the former happens, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are brawlers throwing impressive blows to San Antonio's venerable midsection. When it's the latter, the Spurs' calculated moves overwhelm the physical superiority of their opponents.

From Danielle Greenberg of Clips Nation about the Spurs:

Like the Clippers, the Spurs have refused to go away to start gathering their fishing supplies. The ageless Tim Duncan has been great. Kawhi Leonard has been a revelation. The Spurs have won two of three games at Staples Center, so it is a miracle that the Clippers still managed to force a Game 7.

Of course, there is a boxing match on later and Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green has broken that down for anyone interested.

This is your open thread, so feel free to discuss whatever here until we get to the Warriors' playing an actual game tomorrow.

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