Breaking Down The Final Play of Game 2 WCF: The Harden Collapse


The Golden State Warriors continue to play mediocre basketball down the stretch but also have managed to gut out tough victories. Last night, James Harden was in another zone, but Curry was damn near on the same level Harden was. The Rockets had every right to win that game, after Barnes blew a tougher-than-you-think reverse layup, with Howard blocking off the entire strong side of the rim. The biggest surprise of the whole ordeal was the Harden didn’t test the refs and drive all the way in. He had already attempted 10 free throws, but the refs have let the players decide the games this series, especially in the closing moments. Hardens bread and butter is drawing fouls, but he looked tentative in multiple instances on that final play. Here’s a few eye-popping stats before breaking down the last play frame by frame: Klay Thompson’s +/- was -13 Corey Brewer’s +/- was -23