Poll: Game 4 Predictions: Do We Sweep or Get Sucked into the Vacuum?


After watching game 3 tonight, I must humbly eat crow. The crow will be marinated for 40 hours(one hour for each Steph Curry point scored in the game) then lightly basted with butter and reduced vegetable stock. I'll cook it for approximately 78 minutes (Dubs wins this season) and then eat it in a sandwich with toasted Bread, face down and encrusted in short beard hairs. YUMMMMY!!!

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, its on to the next poll and predictions. Do we go back to the Toyota Center on Monday night and sweep these Rockets? Will the Molded Bread Corporation come back with a yeasty vengeance or will their dough fail to rise, again? Did Draymond actually pull on Superman's cape, with no repercussions? Will we be blessed with a brow of a brotherly kind?(Tony Brothers) Will Klay continue on his postseason slump on three point shots?

Oh me, oh my, the possibilities are absolutely endless. After my game three loss prediction, I'm not even sure I should do anymore predictions; but instead let the poll speak for itself. 49% of the popular vote said we would win in 5, has anyone changed their mind??? Could we be headed for a sweep? A complete season sweep of the sprockettes to the tune of 8 games?

Do we get bigheaded and lose control in game 4, when we could close out a series in incredible fashion? Sucked into the vacuum of expectations and media hype? I certainly, and I KNOW you guys certainly hope that doesn't happen. I want to give a prediction so, so bad right now, but I feel as if I failed on the last one and now my mojo has been broken, best not to anger the basketball gods by going all retawdid fa real on that ass. So , I will digress and let you, the true, faithful and long suffering Warriors fan make that call.

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