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Blowouts and Birthdays

The Warriors are on the brink of the Finals.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I'll keep this somewhat short.

By the time y'all read this, I'll be on a farm in upstate New York looking at the sky and having a nice cold glass of hard cider. The farmer I work for also has a hard cider company and he's throwing a huge Memorial Day party. I've been joking and telling him that, in actuality, he put the whole bash together for my birthday.

It's my birthday!

And what better way to celebrate than with a little early-birthday playoff blowout?

Some thoughts:

1.) Stephen Curry is a goddamn assassin. He just broke Reggie Miller's record for most 3-pointers made in a single postseason. And he did it in nine less games.

The shot Steph hit to break the record is a study in swag, gumption, and cool:

2.) If your 6'11", 270-pound center, who self-titles as "Superman" is getting boxed out by Steph, maaaaaaybe you should play a little harder.

Seriously, this is the damned Western Conference Finals. How in the hell can these guys come out so flat? I feel bad for the town of Houston and all their fans. I have a bunch of friends from down that way (amazing history of badass musicians coming from there), and I really do feel sorry for them. To come out and get kicked in the mouth like that, on such a large stage, is just crazy.

3.) Steph is getting some fire up in him.

After hitting yet another three, he caught some flack from a red-shirted yo-yo in the front row:

Soon thereafter, he hit another shot and then dropped the fucking FIRE on that part of the arena.

Notice this time, that same guy tried to shake Curry's hand:

4.) You know you have tapped into some psycho-beyond-level-shit when you are making grown men cackle like babies.


--- = ---

So, there we are.

I'm gonna rap this up and go party.

Game four tomorrow. 6pm PDT. Houston. Chance to close it out. We'll see.

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