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A Special Shoutout Post to the Western Conference Champions

I've been saving this for the end but I thought now would be a good time to post this. Here's a funny, serious, ultimately what I hope to be entertaining rattling off of things that has happened to the Golden State Warriors this season.

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They say the best ideas are borne between lots of beer and the third rerun of SportsCenter sounding off aimlessly in the background.

Somebody said that, I'm sure of it.

Or, at least, the spontaneous aspect of the entire spectacle would remain thought out and thoughtful at the same time.

So there I was, and we were, drifting into the ambiance of another Golden State Warriors victory, reminiscing about what we just watched and what we witnessed growing up. You see, we're all relatively young, a couple years out of college, and spoiled by the recent run of success from those Warriors. But now? As they not only sprint but trample those in their path to what still remains surreal to a championship trophy, it's comforting to lay back and consider how we got to this soulful breath in time.

Credit needs to go out to Yuhki Sakai, Ari Simon, and Reed Moran for inspiring this idea, running with the tangent a little too long, a little hard, and forcing my hand to get typing on this here keyboard. So thanks, gentlemen, but most importantly, thank you, Golden State, this one is for you guys.

Ari and Yuhki collaborated on the usage of shoutout, shouts, s|o, who were the first people I knew to come up with the endearing form of praise and credit. So shouts to you two. And the stuff in here that's actually funny? S|O Reed, you're a legend.

Here we go.

Shouts to Riley Curry for showing up more than James Harden in Games 3 and 5.

S|O Gordon Ramsay for showing James Harden how not to cook

S|O AARP for taking in Jason Terry and Josh Smith.

Shouts to the moon for responding to Steph's Game 3 New Orleans Pelicans game-tier.

Shoutout Klay Thompson's jump shot. No, literally, I'm shouting out for Klay Thompson's jumper. I have no idea where it is.

S|O to the dumpster fire that is the Los Angeles Clippers who made this postseason effortless.

S|O Kevin Love for, well, see you in Los Angeles next season.

Shouts to Harrison Barnes being able to shoot an open jumper in a real offense.

Shouts to Ron Adams, stoicism, death stares, and probably lots of red wine.

Shoutout to Marreese Speights' conscience relative to midrange jumpers taken per possession remaining forever infinity.

Shouts to David Lee for coping through a breakup and benching while keeping the fauxhawk in place.

Shoutout to Klay Thompson's with the actual Peak Stephen Curry moment against the Sacramento Kings.

S|O to Mark Jackson losing that locker room the moment he started taking crazy pills and ranting about butterflies.

S|O to my mind and residue of its splattering still smeared across the walls after Game 3 in Memphis.

S|O Shaun Livingston socking Dirk in the balls but beloved because no one dares his sincerity in graciousness.

S|O Festus Ezeli's on-court game catching up to his off-the-floor game.

Shouts to those fourth quarters where Brandon Rush played and I was 500 words into another recap.

Shouts to that, really, because sleep.

Shoutout you scoundrels after every shot of Sonya Curry. You know who you are.

Shoutout Drake whatever you throw in your songs will catch on and now Houston fans look dumb shouts to Drake.

Shouts Draymond Green for developing insane levels of adrenaline the moment he grabs a board running down the floor.

Shoutout Steph's 77 3s I can't take 77 straight steps without tripping over my own ankles.

Shouts to Steve Kerr with more jokes and laughter in a single press conference than Mark Jackson did in his entire coaching career.

Shoutout Speights head game.

Shouts Leandro Barbosa at 32 quicker than players at 22.

Shoutout to me being the only Asian dude under 25 in the media room surrounded by white people.

Shoutout Andrew Bogut's grimace and smile being the actual same thing.

Shouts Stephen Curry post-shot celebrations being sneakily the cockiest in the world.

Shoutout to the pyrotechnics before every game eliciting the same frightened shrieks.

S|O Justin Holiday's month-long dance with the fringes of a real NBA player.

S|O Shaun Livingston shooting threes all season during warmups and draining them but averaging 0.0 3PTA per game.

Shoutout Brandon Rush's one made three in the postseason after losing his career to Zach Randolph.

S|O Tony Brothers' eyebrows.

Shouts to every Bogut arm-grab under the shoulders while the ball is in the air.

Shouts Leandro Barbosa christening Ros with a grammatical masterpiece.

Shoutout to slow starts at home in the postseason.

Shoutout to Twitter Doctors.

But most importantly...

Congratulations to the Western Conference Champions Golden State Warriors.

(Please add more in the comments).

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