Was the Knee Intentional? Should Howard have been allowed to play Game 5?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Several stories about Ariza's knee to Thompson's head have jumped to the conclusion that Ariza's knee to Thompson's head was "inadvertent". The video I've seen shows Ariza's knee pause at the top of his leap, then accelerate into Klay. (from 10 to 12 seconds).

This is slow-motion, but I don't believe there is a biomechanical reason for the latter movement. Was it intentional or not?

Howard's clear Flagrant Foul against Iguadala showed that allowing his Flagrant 2 in Game 4 to be called a Flagrant 1 was a mistake. Howard took that weakness by the NBA as an invitation to go headhunting in the next game. Suspending him for 1 meaningless early season game next season is not enough. Emails to the NBA from Warriors fans must follow.

I didn't dislike the Rockets before this series, but I've lost a lot of respect for their cheap shots, and over-the-line, reckless and dangerous play.

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