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Leftover Observations and Noteworthy Quotes from Game 1

These are my thoughts on what happened in Game 1 and what the players said about it.

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Leftover Observations and Quotes:

Here are a select few and I posted selected thoughts on some of the comments from players and coaches.

The San Antonio Spurs aren't necessarily known for their defense nowadays, instead their popularity now coming as playing offense the right way. But their defense is so smart, quick, and cohesive. The Golden State Warriors started slow, allowing free runs to the rim and back cuts but when they locked down, it was over. Memphis' terrible spacing will bite them all series long because guys like Stephen Curry can dig down to double on post-ups, leaving Tony Allen wide open.

You can't really be physical in the paint when the game is being played so fast that one team is struggling to just keep up with the pace. The Warriors were pushing the ball after made buckets, even getting 1-on-4s. They were fine with that because it forced the Grizzlies to react quick. The bet is that Memphis can't sustain this all series long.

Dave Joerger talks really fast, and is really smart. He's a good coach and will be forced to try weird lineups, including ones without a point guard. He agreed with that assessment. The length on defense could bother Steph but Gasol later responded with that they need the point guard to communicate on defense and offense. Zero familiarity with a point guard-less lineup is not good but what can Memphis do right now?

Harrison Barnes has caught a lot of slack, from me as well, for slumping near the end of the season and against the New Orleans Pelicans. Yesterday's game gave us a glimpse of what Barnes can do as a super role player, skying for rebounds, nailing jumpers, and driving to the hoop on mismatches. Barnes might not be a star but he can be a very strong player in the right role. This team is perfect for him and he gives the offense another weapon when he is on.

Perhaps the largest takeaway I had from the game. Curry basically admitted the Warriors were playing to the crowd in the first series and it took away from their game. Oracle was less loud and more of a normal crowd and that had some to do with Steph and the Warriors playing comfortably and smartly instead of the hero shots they took against the Pelicans. The Warriors have learned from their mistakes and haven't dropped a game in the process. It's hard to see them losing any in the foreseeable future.

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