Why We Might Need the Whipping Boy to Win This Series


Take That, Moz!!!

Unless you've been living underground in a cave with no cell, TV or radio reception, you probably saw the offensive spark provided by our 'Whipping Boy', David Lee. Sent in to give our depleted(read:stuck in the mud)first group a new look in the fourth quarter, the man who consistently pulled in double doubles in previous seasons came in and got the job done.

Leading the way for a Warriors resurgence in the final quarter, Lee came up with a pretty damned good stat line. Including 4/4 FGM 4 REB's 11 PTS and +17 -In only 13 Minutes of play.

He had the highest +/- of any Warriors player and some might even argue that he inspired Steph to be Steph in the 4th.

Reading the comments on this blog, it seems as if long held feelings of D Lee inferiority are starting to break down. Some of our regular posters have been silent when faced with the reality that good ole' #10 might be the difference in this series. Cleveland seems to be daring us to take it inside against Mosgov and TT, who we've failed miserably against. Draymond has been a non factor on offense from the paint or from the wing. That leaves us with the least favorite option on this blog to take over and command attention to his presence in the paint.

While Lee's Warriors face a 2-1 deficit heading into Thursday's Game 4, his confidence in his teammates isn't wavering. "Whether it's me that's in there or somebody else, the most promising thing is that you finally saw us playing the type of ball we're capable of playing there in the fourth," Lee said. "It was the player movement, the ball movement, and the energy. And if we play like that, I think we're the better team in this series." Lee is expected to see a bigger role on Thursday night, so we'll look for him to see upwards of 15 minutes the Warriors attempt to even the series.Jun 11 - 11:53 AM

Source: CSN Bay Area

His heart and soul, along with his professionalism, have never been in doubt. Lee accepted the lesser role this year even while coming off of a statistically sound 2013-2014 season. What has been questioned is his ability since he came back from a preseason hamstring injury. Few chances to really gel with the new offense installed by Kerr and Gentry have been afforded. Relegated to the back up role in all but 4 starts this season, its no wonder why he seemed off at points in this season. His 904 minutes played in the regular season are the lowest totals in his career, by a broad margin.

Looking at what D Lee can provide against the injury depleted Cavs is a simple exercise in attrition:

  1. He still commands a presence in the post and(imo) would be able to score on Tristan Thompson.
  2. His value as a PnR facilitator for Steph paid dividends late in Game 3.
  3. His ability to pass out of the post cannot be understated, he and Bogut are the only Dubs bigs who have shown a proficiency to pass while still keeping within the scheme of the game plan set forth by Kerr.
  4. He can grab rebounds at a decent clip, something the Warriors are struggling with in this series.
  5. He's fresh. While the Cavs are huffing and puffing in the later stages of these few first games, David Lee has the luxury of being well rested and able to come out at full strength against a worn down Cleveland team

What are your thoughts on David Lee playing a huge part in tonight's game? Will he ball out like he did in Game 3, or does he fizzle out when given the opportunity to shine on the NBA's biggest stage?

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