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Warriors win game 5 behind Steph Curry's awesomeness

The Warriors take a 3-2 series lead behind a BEST-PLAYER-ON-THE-PLANET performance from Curry.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors came back to Oakland, tied 2-2, with all the confidence in the world. After a blowout win in Cleveland which saw several Cavs starters (Bron, Delly) exhausted, the Dubs rode their depth to a dominant win. And yet game 5 still produced another classic.

The two conference champions traded blows all night long, with the Cavs eventually tying the game in the fourth quarter. But it was Stephen Curry, the MVP, who decided know...assert his MVP-ness (sorry).

After four games, the talk was all about LeBron James as a possible MVP in a losing effort (the first since Godfather Jerry West), or Andre Iguodala (after a well-deserved two-way effort). But tonight, it was Riley Curry's dad who stole the show. With a 37-point outing, including a variety of step-back threes, off-the-jump threes, and all sorts of other hyphenated three point baskets, Stephen Curry stamped his claim to the Finals MVP...if the Warriors eventually win the series.

Speaking of Iggy, he poured in another phenomenal game -- despite a horrific, Dwight Shaq Howard O'Nealish performance at the free throw line, where he shot 2-of-11. But his defense on LeBron, the fresh-cut hair, and the helpful 2-of-5 from beyond the arc allowed Golden State to stay in a game it was (otherwise) in danger of falling out of.

Mega-zoid-Bron-Tron made it difficult in the fourth quarter, as he repeatedly rained threes from places where he hasn't connected all season. As you would expect from an all-time great, he balled his way to a monstrous 40-14-11 tagline. And yet the bay's team still found a way to prevail.

As yours truly predicted, the Warriors are well on their way to a 6-game Finals victory...if they can triumph in the roaring Quicken Loans arena (we seriously haven't found a nickname for that spot?). But if Curry is cooking like a chef in the kitchen, we may never see these Dubs back in Oakland this season. Until the parade, that is. Go Go Go Go Dubs! DUBS DUBS DUBS! WWWW-WWWW-WWWW-WWW!!!!!!!

Rock it.

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