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2015 NBA Finals Game 6 Preview Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers- It ends tonight.

Let's do this.

Give it everything you got.
Give it everything you got.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Warriors (3-2) @ Cavaliers (2-3)

Venue: Predatory Lender Arena

Dan Gilbert Didn't Like A Yahoo Blog Post, So Yahoo Deleted It [Deadspin]

TV: ABC | Radio: KNBR 680

Time: 6pm PST

This is just like the Warriors' 2nd round series against the Memphis Grizzlies right? The Dubs won 1 emphatically, then dropped the next 2 causing the sky to fall, and won the next 3 in convincing fashion to send the Grizz fishing.


The self-proclaimed "best player in the world" LeBron James is on the other squad and came back from a 2-3 NBA Finals deficit to win back in 2013. The difference now of course is the finals format has changed from 2-3-2 to 2-2-1-1-1, so this time around LeBron would have to win 1 on the road (at the Roaracle no less) to complete the comeback.

I have the utmost respect for LeBron and how he's stepped it up big time in this series- even though his flopping and complaining is irksome.

James belongs to a very elite list of champions that could single-handedly pull this off, which includes Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal circa 2000-2004, and Robert Horry (Big Shot Bob speaks!).

Having said all that, the Warriors are going to win this thing.

Here's why:

  • David Blatt and the Cavs are in reaction mode. They don't dictate the pace or style of the game anymore. It's become about smallball, speed, and 3pt shooting. I'll take the Warriors vs Cavs in that type of contest 24-7-365 as long as there's not too many interruptions from Andre Iguodala free throw attempts.
  • The Cavs are tired and there's no one on their bench left to save them.
  • Most importantly this Cavs team is just not very good. If Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were healthy, the Cavs would have a serious downgrade in defense from their impressive D in this series. They were never that good. The Cavs play in the Leastern Conference and it's doubtful they would have even made it through the 1st round of the Western Conference.
(Side note: It's hilarious that some "esteemed" NBA "analysts" like to "astutely" point out that the Warriors didn't have to face the San Antonio Spurs or LA Clippers on their path to the Finals. Also as they like to point out the Grizzlies were not full strength nor were the Rockets.

Huh? I didn't realize the Cavaliers beat the Spurs, Clippers, Grizzlies, and Rockets on their road to the 2015 NBA Finals. For some reason I thought they faced a Boston Celtics team that would have never even been the Western Conference playoff hunt at any point this season, the Chicago Bulls, a mediocre banged-up team depending on heavy minutes from GSoM legend Mike Dunleavy, and the Atlanta Hawks, another mediocre team with key missing players.

Give LeBron a ton of credit for picking the easy, almost guaranteed, path to the Finals by staying in the East his entire career.)

Most importantly the Warriors as a team and fanbase is UNSTOPPABLE BABY. This is 10 years in the making. It's our time. Let's do this.


  • Stephen Curry sizzles with 40 points.
  • LeBron James drops 60 points (30% shooting), 20 rebounds, 20 assists, and 15 turnovers to net a very unique quadruple-double.
  • More dirty and stupid plays like this one, but this time the refs are prepared and make the right call. Mathew Della-cheap-ova gets ejected.
  • Warriors by 7.


Special shout out to MC HAMMER...


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