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Who's that trip-trapping on my blog?

No one likes a troll...

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This is it.

Many of us have rooted for this team for our whole lives, pulling for the blue and gold through both good times and bad times. For some of us there has been a lot more downs than ups. This season, however, has definitely been a high note for Warriors fans. A historically great regular season, followed by a dominating run through the Western Conference playoffs, has led to Warriors fans old and new feeling about as good as a fanbase possibly could.

First team All NBA players Anthony Davis, Marc Gasol, and James Harden have proven to be no match for the Warriors, and now  the Warriors are in position to potentially eliminate LeBron James and the Cavs tonight. If they are successful, it will be their first championship in four decades.

We are on the brink.

A championship is NOT a foregone conclusion. Any team featuring LeBron James simply cannot be dismissed until the final buzzer sounds. The Warriors are facing one of the greatest players ever to lace 'em up, and one day we will be telling our great grandchildren that we saw him play. We are witnessing a historically amazing player, and he's doing more than I've ever seen one man do (except for Chris Cohan) to keep the Warriors from celebrating.

That said, the Warriors are enjoying all of the popularity that comes with success.

- - -

I live in Colorado, where five years ago many casual NBA fans didn't even know that the Warriors were a professional team.

"Golden State?" They would ask, after I told them who my favorite team is. "Where are they from again?"

Now things are different.

"I still think the Warriors will win," the lady making my cheeseburger at Five Guys said to her coworker last Wednesday, unaware of my lifelong dedication to the team.

"Yeah, me too," the fry cook responded.

We've been waiting a long time for this. Too long. 40 years for some fans; entire lives for others. It's a beautiful thing, seeing Warriors fans everywhere you turn. There are more Warriors fans than ever before. Every arena in the league has had a healthy share of Curry jerseys and MVP chants, and the Warriors have rewarded their faithful with a 15-5 record so far in the postseason. One more win and the Warriors will be world champions.

Every arena, every restaurant, every bar... Warriors fans are everywhere.

But there's one place we shouldn't be, and that's trolling other team's message boards.

Never mind the 51 years that the city of Cleveland has gone without any sort of championship parade. I'm all for that streak lasting a bit longer. Never mind the fans that come here, griping about the Warriors' successes or gloating about their failures. Never mind what fans are saying on other message boards as they lick their wounds and prepare for "next year", just as we have, year after painful year.

- - -

I'm not usually one to bring other sports into the conversation, but allow me to illustrate my point by bringing up two incredible 49ers receivers. One of them made a point of dramatically celebrating every success, humiliating other teams and making a spectacle of himself, and the other always acted as though another trip to the endzone was a mere inevitability.

Now ask yourself, would you rather be like Terrell Owens or Jerry Rice?

We already know that Golden State has the best fans. We know that Golden State of Mind has the best basketball community on the world wide web. We know who we are. Win or lose, let's take the high road and carry ourselves with dignity and grace.

Let's act like we've been here before, and will be here again.

And don't be a troll.

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