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Warriors at Cavs, NBA Finals 2015: Game 6 gamethread

The Warriors will face the Cavs with an opportunity to close out the NBA Finals.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Started from Chris Cohan now we here... and I still can't believe it.

There have been so many words typed about this series that I won't bore you with more...but I do want to reiterate a few of the main points from Basketball Jonez's anti-trolling post from earlier today:

  • Before going to another site to engage in conversation, please ask yourself, "What would Adonal Foyle do?" (If you don't know who Adonal Foyle is, your suffering Warriors fan cred is in serious doubt).
  • Be an ambassador for Golden State of Mind engaging in respectful conversations about basketball.
  • Everybody knows the outcome of the NBA'll be broadcast on telescreens in people's homes and mentioned on the Twitters and stuff. You can assume that nobody needs Warriors fans to tell them about it by gloating/whining on another team's site.
  • In the event that you lose control of your mouse/keyboard and/or touchscreen and happen, by some accidental misunderstanding, to incur the wrath of some other site's banhammer, we will follow suit just to make sure we're not harboring any trolls around here. If it was really a misunderstanding, shoot me an email and I'll review it.

It might also be helpful to have our community guidelines, click here for those.

Otherwise, let's enjoy this moment, win or lose — this is the first time in my life that I can say the Warriors are on the cusp of a championship. I've been waiting a LONNNNNG time — a lifetime. I don't think many fanbases can truly understand that. So I'll look forward to all of us Warriors fans embracing the moment whatever happens.

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