Who Did The Warriors Win It For?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In 2010, right before the Giants captured their first World Series in San Francisco, a fan on McCoveyChronicles made this FanPost that stuck with me for awhile.

In the off chance that the link doesn't work, it's a FanPost talking about all the people, places, and things that the fan and commenters wanted the Giants to win the World Series for. The lists spanned a lot of different categories. Retired greats who never reached the mountaintop. Underappreciated employees who were with the organization through all of the lows. Diehard family members that passed away before they got to see their team achieve the ultimate accomplishment. Or even just something as simple as the players on the team.

I don't have enough material or good writingness to match that fan's list, but I know that the person I immediately thought of when the Steph Curry threw the ball into the air for the last time in the 2014-2015 Championship season was Jim Barnett. Thanks to Jim, I grew up watching basketball with a great analyst showing me the ropes. When it came to the Dubs, he was the only constant besides hopelessness. We had a head start on all of those other fans regarding the brilliance of the 2 for 1, the offensive advantage on airballs, the pure nihilism and destruction that came from synthetic shoe soles. When people say the Warriors have the best fanbase in the league, I have no idea if they are right. But if they are, you better believe it's because of @uograd66. I have no doubt in my mind that if Jim wasn't on the sidelines this season, the Warriors wouldn't have closed it out. It just wouldn't have been right. After all these years, they finally got to business and finished writing The Book Of Barnett.

I've been waiting years for that tweet. Some of you have been waiting decades for that tweet. Welp, we've finally made it, and all of us have people that have left a mark on us during the journey that we want to remember.

So now, I want to ask you the same question that all of those people asked us with a dumbfounded look on their face when we told them our favorite NBA team was the Golden State Warriors.


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