The Story of Draymond Green

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

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‘Twas one night in Cleveland with the title on the line
Faced with elimination but LeBron refused to whine
Though trailing in the series it was now his turn to host
And he was the best player in the world, or so he liked to boast
Lacking better options, without having a plan
LeBron would use his many talents and his wide wingspan
He'd play lockdown defense then run down the court with ease
Pass to his open teammates, and even makes some threes
Try to aim for Forty, both in points and in percent
Maybe get a triple double to punctuate the event
He'd make the Warriors bear witness to his greatness on the scene
And just pray to God a teammate could stop the center, Draymond Green
For while the king ran ragged, ending each game in exhaust
A team starting Green at center had simply never lost
As a defensive wizard Draymond knew all the tricks
And the foes who shot against him ended up with many bricks.
Guards thought he was slow, forwards thought he wasn't strong
Draymond was used to doubters and he loved to prove them wrong
LeBron would need to utilize every minute to beat the Draymond test
His teams depth so shallow he'd barely get to rest
And so it was during the game LeBron was in dismay
For when he had the ball there was Draymond in the way
Roaming around the basket, seeking shots to block
Coming up with timely steals with never ending trash talk
The space he gave the offense stretched Cleveland's defense thin
LeBron himself started to doubt when Draymond's second three went in
Searching for an answer to save his teams season that night
LeBron focused on a triple double, hoping then things would turn out right
But despite his brilliant passes, his teammates shots bounced off the rim
Draymond orchestrated the defense and was fighting with a vim
Despite LeBron's 18 rebounds which he pushed quickly up the floor
And the many points he tallied, in total 32 he'd score
LeBron's triple double was not to be, falling short by an assist
But the quest for a triple double refused to be dismissed
For Draymond's passes that night were wise and true
And when the lead kept growing the whole world saw his value
With 16 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists he eliminated LeBron's threat
Causing all basketball fans to remark on the triple double he did get
And that night history was made which was largely unforseen
The record books were introduced to NBA champion, the jolly giant Green.

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